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Do you ever want to have people over but don’t think your house is “ready” for them? Maybe you think the interiors look stale, the ottoman looks shabby, the decor is out of date and the couch cushions are not being able to make much of a difference. You may have felt in control once, but you don’t these days. And that is making you a loner: instead of inviting guests over, you decide to stay at home, alone.

If you relate to the above scenario in any way, your home needs a proper makeover and upgrade. These are common problems that anyone can face. The best part is that the solutions to these are even simpler.

In this blog, we’ll talk about ways in which you can make your home feel more fresh and inviting, not just to your guests but to you as well. Let’s dive straight into the pointers and discuss some hacks


Make The Entry Grand

Make your entrance grand! This doesn’t mean that the entry should be huge and larger than life. It just means that it should be pleasant enough to bring a comforting feeling to someone. Make sure you take extra time decorating your foyer because it is the first thing your guests see when they arrive! The front of your house should welcome visitors with good lighting, an art piece, or a mirror, or something else that will draw their attention. When it comes to decorating, don’t be afraid to try new things. Make a bold impact with a statement item, or keep it simple with a beautiful welcome mat! You can also tile your entrance with beautiful tiles. Choose the finish that you like. The tiles for the entrance should be heavy duty as they will have to bear a lot of foot traffic.


Scent It Up

The sense of smell is important in creating a welcoming environment in your house. A home with a pleasant scent is always appealing and attracts visitors. There are many possibilities for you to pick from such as candles with a light smell that everyone will like, aromatic flowers, freshly baked pastries, and so on.


Don’t Forget About The Bathroom

It’s excellent to focus on making your main living spaces pleasant and comfortable, but don’t forget to make your bathrooms welcoming as well. Make sure that there’s enough toilet paper, soap, and clean towels for your guests, irrespective of the duration of their stay.

When you’re decorating, don’t forget to consider the bathroom’s overall design! You can always have the bathroom redesigned and remodelled. Use tiles in the bathroom for the same as they have proven to be an amazing alternative as compared to traditional methods.

There have been significant developments in the tiling industry in terms of designs, finishes, and more. Choose the one that floats your boat and just go for it. Keep in mind that the tiles you use for your bathroom should be anti-germ and anti-skid to make the area safe and healthy. You don’t want accidents happening at your place and definitely don’t want germs because of moisture.


Sway On Your Porch

If you have a porch, it could be a game-changer for you. Nothing is more inviting than a good old-fashioned porch swing. On a summer morning, sway on yours while waiting for a friend to come around for a cozy brunch, or take your morning coffee out to the porch. Even if no one is sitting in the swing, passers-by will enjoy the cozy scene you’ve set up for yourself.


Light Up Your Indoors and Outdoors

If you have to just change one item in your home to make it more pleasant and warm, it has to be the lighting. Instead of a single bright light source, aim for a multitude of soft light sources to produce a warm, welcoming glow.

In indoor areas, install dimmer switches on overhead fixtures, and supplement with table and floor lamps. Ideally, you must have three light sources per room. Make magic with string lights over dining areas and candles or lanterns on tables outside – you can’t help but be persuaded to spend more time outside when the light is this gorgeous.


You can tell when a house is warm and inviting the moment you step in. You feel relaxed as if you’ve just exhaled a breath you didn’t realise you’d been holding. Follow the above steps and your space will achieve that welcoming feeling and aura.


Author Bio:

Isha Tandon has worked within the architecture and interior design industry as a flooring consultant expert – specializing in tiles, stones, and terrazzo. She has worked with Orientbell Limited, a leading tile manufacturer in India, as a product development manager in the design team and has recently joined the marketing team as their digital content expert. Her experience comes in handy in understanding the audience as she creates value-driven functional & informational content for the readers. She creates lifestyle pieces that focus on interior design products, trends, and processes. She loves to travel to historic places with rich architecture.