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At some point in our day, we will generally find ourselves in the shower. Whether at the start of the day or after a long day at work, showering is crucial. It is not just for hygienic reasons, either. A nice, hot shower is also a form of self-care.


Sometimes, you may want to make the shower water a little hotter. Unfortunately, increasing the shower’s temperature is not entirely straightforward. The system behind the water’s temperature does not always work as it should. Your shower’s temperature may result from multiple issues, resulting in a colder shower. For instance, the water heater may not be the right size, or the thermostat may be out-of-date. Make sure you discover the source of this issue before finding the right answer. Contact a plumber for help if necessary.


With the right tools, you can make the shower’s water hotter. Let’s learn how to make your shower water feel warm and cozy.


Water Heater


Of course, one of the main solutions to solve this issue is the source of water warmth in the home. Look at your home’s water heater, and use the controls to increase the temperature. This will generally increase the heat in all water appliances within the home. Test it once the action is completed, and you should be ready.


Waiting It Out


In other circumstances, the simplest course of action is waiting for some time to pass. Sometimes, the water temperature in your appliances fluctuates in warmth. If you feel your water is not as hot as it can be, wait half an hour. Then, turn the shower on again, and it should be increased in temperature. The solution is as easy as that!


Scald Guard Adjustment


If those simple solutions do not work out your intended, you will have to use other strategies. These will generally include manual labour and acquiring the right tools and resources. When tackling the shower, focus your efforts on the scald guard.


This shower component is a plastic disk with notches near your shower space. All it takes is a bit of manual adjustment with the correct tools. Loosen the screws present and lift them out of place. The temperature controls should now be directly in your view. Adjust the dial as you see fit, and you can control the heat emanating through the shower.


Check for Rust


Corrosion is one of the most common issues afflicting your shower’s temperature. This is especially true in the winter, when it may take some time for the water to heat up. Take a quick look at your water heater and the adjacent pipes. If there is a lot of rust around these parts, you will have to call in a professional to get rid of the rust.


Faucet Cartridge


Sometimes, your shower’s water is not hot due to defunct components. So, you will have to look at how these are and replace them if necessary. One of the biggest culprits of a shower’s water not being heated enough is the result of the cartridge. A faucet cartridge will need to be replaced should it not be in good shape.


After tweaking the scald guard, you should inspect the faucet cartridge inside. Usually, if it does not look like it is in good condition, it will need to be swapped out. Take it out, bring the model to your local hardware store, and find the same model. If you require assistance in finding the right one, a customer service representative will be able to point you in the right direction.


 Replace the Faucet


If you are comfortable with how the faucet cartridge is, perhaps you just need to replace the faucet itself. Many faucets connected to your shower will be of a standard model. As technology has advanced, so too has the ability for a shower faucet to work. Newer models may come equipped with the capacity to increase the temperature at will.


One of those models involves adjusting the heat to its maximum range. Anti-burn faucets exemplify this ability, and they can bring forth new levels of heat overall. Check out your local hardware store if you are wondering how this works. The more you know about these newer models, the better off you will be for the future!