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There are certain rooms in your home that might feel like the perfect size. On the other hand, there may be rooms that could use a little extra space, or at least feel bigger.

You might feel this way about your living room, for example. Sometimes a house or apartment will have a smaller living room that looks tiny compared to the rest of the space. Even if you feel cozy in your small living room, you may want to give off the impression that your living room is bigger than it actually is.

Fortunately, there are some ways to make a small living room look and feel bigger.


5 Ways to Visually Increase the Size of Your Living Room


Here are five ways to make your living room appear larger than it is:


1. Use Mirrors


Mirrors provide an easy way to open up the space in your room. Place a mirror opposite any windows in the room and watch as the space seems to open up. Mirrors will throw light around the room which gives the area a more expansive feel.


Best of all, mirrors don’t cost a lot of money. Well, at least less money than a demo project!


2. Forget About Drapes and Curtains


You can also open up the feel of a room by leaving curtains and drapes off your windows. Use light filtering blinds or Roman shades for privacy and forego heavy drapes and curtains in this room.


There are many types of lightweight shades that give you the privacy you need and help you visually expand your space at the same time. In addition, the brighter the room is, the more spacious it feels.


3. Move Furniture Away from the Walls


Another trick to make your small living room look bigger is to place furniture away from the walls. You can move couches and end tables out from the walls by a few inches and make the surrounding space look bigger.


You don’t have to move the furnishings too far away from the walls so they’re cluttered together in the middle of the room. Just add a small space in between the walls and furniture to add a more expansive feel to the room.


This strategy also makes it easier to clean your home, whether you do so yourself or hire a professional house cleaning company. If you choose the latter option, the company can perform a deep cleaning service for you.


4. Hang Artwork High on the Walls


When you hang artwork and other home decor pieces on the walls, hang them up a little higher than you normally would. You can do the same with your curtain rods as well. When you position wall art and fixtures higher on the walls, this will draw people’s eyes upward and create a more expansive feel.


5. Minimal is Best


If you have too many decorative pieces placed on tables and shelves around the room, this can make your room look smaller. Too much clutter takes up space and space is something you need in a small living room!


Take the minimalist approach and go with “less is more.” You can still decorate your living room with decor items. Just use larger and fewer decor items to spruce up the space but keep the airy nature of the room. Not only will the space feel larger, but having less items in the room will give the space a zen-like feel.


Your Living Room Will Feel Spacious and Comfortable


When you take these five easy steps, you can turn your small living room into a breezy, airy space. As you take each step, you’ll start to see your living room in a whole new light. You’ll be ready to entertain guests and also enjoy sitting in the space on your own.

In addition to opening up the feel of the room, you’re also creating a new vibe for your living room. Best of all, these tips are cost-efficient, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money turning the feel of your small room into a larger one.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started expanding the feel of your space with ease!


Image Source: Pexels