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One of the biggest trends in interior decorating is wood furniture. Having an item made of solid wood throughout your living space gives it a classic, rustic feel while also providing durability and stability. Wood enables you to create a more comfortable atmosphere in your home, especially if you have children or pets running around. The following are some tips on how to decorate with wood furniture.

1. Mix and Match

It’s OK to be matchy-matchy, but it’s also fun to mix different wood furniture styles in the same room. This gives off a unique vibe in your home. Suppose you choose an upholstered bed with built-in drawers made out of ash wood. Pair that bed with oak nightstands and an oak dresser. To avoid having your room look overly busy or disjointed, don’t use both light and dark colored pieces in a single space.

2. Solid Color or Custom-Paint Job?

Wood is naturally beautiful on its own, even without decorating it much at all. This is the reason why many people choose to go with a solid paint color. However, another option is to custom-paint your wood furniture. Some of the most creative designs come from projects done on painted wood furniture. Try painting your wooden cabinets white, then stenciling on flowers in bright colors.


3. Wood Flooring

Another good way to decorate with wood is to use it as flooring. If you are using one type of hardwood throughout the different furniture in the room, try to pick a shade that compliments all the different types of existing wood furniture perfectly, so everything in the room flows nicely together. For example, if you have maple wood pieces already in the room, consider choosing hickory or walnut flooring.


4. One-of-a-Kind Shapes and Carvings

Wood is a natural material, so it comes in many shapes and forms. This makes each piece you add to your room unique. If you want something special for your living room, consider picking a coffee table with an ornate design, like one made of ash wood with carvings. You can use a CNC router to create your own wood furniture in any shape you desire. Adding some personalized and customized wooden pieces will make your room truly different from other homes.


5. Accessorize Your Wooden Furniture

Wood is beautiful, but adding some accessories to your existing wood furniture pieces can give them new life—or they can become the focal point of the whole space! A few great accessories include plants, shag rugs, lamps and other rustic lighting fixtures, and classic grandfather clocks. You can also add throw pillows in fun shapes and sizes to add a pop of color.


6. Pair Wooden Furniture with Other Natural Materials

Wood furniture is a gorgeous way to add warmth and comfort to your living space, no matter what style of room you have. To make your wooden pieces stand out, try decorating the rest of your room with other natural materials like stone or marble that complement the different types of wood. For example, if you choose cherry wood cabinets for your kitchen, consider adding white marble countertops and walls to contrast and enhance its beauty.


7. Wooden Furniture Go Well with Vintage Decor

Wood furniture fits perfectly with a vintage style. If you have a more traditional home that still has the original wooden floors, try adding wooden pieces throughout your living space to enhance the home’s charm. Lamps made of burl wood look especially lovely paired with a couch or chair upholstered in a textured material like tweed or velvet.



Wood furniture is a classic way to decorate your home. Because of the different types of wood out there, there are endless possibilities when it comes to adding wooden pieces to your living space. And don’t forget about the benefits of owning wooden furniture, it’s both durable and beautiful!