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When working on your home finishes, whether that be for a brand-new home or remodeling an older one, among the most exciting parts is the kitchen. And in the kitchen, perhaps an aspect that you should give a bit more thought is the countertop.

If you’re looking at Palm Beach countertops, and need help choosing the best one for you, here are some tips that can help you out:


Tip # 1: Assess your lifestyle

One thing that is often missed out when choosing a countertop is giving lifestyle assessment a go. A homeowner who’s single and doesn’t cook much might definitely not have the same kitchen needs as a family with kids. A home with pets such as cats may also not do so well with certain materials not only for a countertop, but also other parts of the kitchen, and the house for that matter.

So set aside some time to think about what kind of material, design, or color, would be a perfect match for your lifestyle.


Tip # 2: Check out different countertop materials

There are many different countertop materials for you to choose from. Among the most preferred countertop materials is granite which comes in different colors such as green, black, white, and others. Granite countertops also come in two finishes: polished or honed.

Polished granite refers to those with a smooth, reflective surface. Polished granite has a protective coat, making it resistant to stains. However, scratches may be easily seen as with other reflective surfaces.

On the other hand, honed granite countertops have a matte finish, making scratches less visible. The absence of a protective coat, however, makes it more susceptible to stains.

Other countertop materials that you can check out are other natural stones such as limestone and marble, or their engineered counterparts. Engineered stone countertops offer a lot of variety and are often more durable than natural stone materials.

Another type of countertop material that’s gaining popularity are concrete countertops. Such countertops can be customized, and can either be one of the following finishes: smooth, ground, or pressed. Concrete countertops, however, may require a lot of effort in terms of maintenance as high temperature, moisture, and spills may damage your countertop.

Wooden countertops may also be explored, but you would need to oil it regularly to keep it looking nice and resistant to spills.

Finally, there are laminate countertops which come in various designs and colors, but may be quite vulnerable to being scorched by a hot pan.

There are many options for what kitchen countertop material for you to choose from, and again, the key to finding out which material is a perfect match for you is by assessing your lifestyle, and weighing each material’s pros and cons.


Tip # 3: Consider the edges

Standard countertops would have square edges, but there are also other kind of edges(depending on the material that countertops can have such as bevel, bullnose, egg, ogee, and radius. Your choice of countertop material may also dictate what kind of edges may work with it.


Tip # 4: Don’t be afraid to customize

If your vision for a kitchen countertop doesn’t seem to be aligned with available designs, colors, and materials, then you have an option to customize so you can come up with a countertop that is uniquely yours.

Doing so allows you to make use of different materials and different designs. Just make sure that they work hand-in hand in achieving your vision. Make sure that they complement each other, and not clash. You wouldn’t want the final result to be a messy mix of unrelated elements.


Tip # 5: When in doubt, get professional advice

If you want to make sure that everything falls into place for your dream kitchen counterpart, then you should consult with experts. They can help you make a more thorough assessment of what material works best for your needs, and could also show various designs that you can simulate.


Find the best Palm Beach countertop for you

Having the right countertop can help make your kitchen stand out. There are many different options for a countertop, and finding the right one can make all the difference. So follow the tips above and get ready to love your kitchen!