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Winter is upon us and the nights are getting colder. Homes need to be ready for the freezing weather to come, and the living area is the best place to start. While there are general tips and tricks to prepare your property, the living room is the heart of the house where people go to relax or wind down. So, starting here will help create a ripple effect throughout the rest of the rooms too. This guide talks about how you can cater to the cold season in your living area.


A New Piece of Furniture

Some living rooms have minimal furniture, and while this is a style preference, there is value in adding extra pieces to the space. Filling in the void with a place for drinks on a Vidaxl coffee table adds to the level of coziness and feelings of snugness. They have practical uses too, but one of the major appeals about a statement piece like a coffee table is that they fill space and make a big room feel more comfortable to find peace in.


Focus on Comfort

Sofas have a lot of advantages, and most living spaces have one or even two. Yet, there is something special about a standalone chair. It provides a solo spot for people to get some space, and an option like a tv chair recliner will be an extra luxury for those long winter nights. Add in some fluffy pillows, and a simple footrest to complete the ensemble and you will spend your evenings in a seat fit for a king (or queen).


Chimney Sweeping

If you have a fireplace as a central feature and source of heat, make sure the chimneys have been swept! There are safety concerns when this job is avoided, but it also steers away from expensive repairs as well. There may be nesting birds in the wall left over from summer, or a build up of debris since it was last in use. Before the winter season and the first fire is lit, hire a professional to ensure everything is up to standard and as it should be.


Clean the Carpets

Muddy boots, soggy rain clothes, increased indoor eating. Sound familiar? These three things (and countless more) can add stains galore to your carpet. Set your room up and give it a deep clean to help counteract the muddy months and rainy days to come. It will smell better, look more appealing, and feel replenished after a professional grade revamp.


Buy a Rug

A rug also helps to protect your flooring. Because stains and debris are unavoidable, a strategically placed rug will help keep things neat and tidy. There are all sorts of options on the market including washable ones if your house has a particularly muddy companion (looking at you, dogs). It is also hard to argue with the bonus of a luxury touch into your living area, and the feeling of a room coming together too. This is all highly achievable with the help of a compatible rug.


Warm Lighting

If you don’t have a warm lighting lamp, this is your sign to get one. A big feature lamp or a few smaller lights dotted about really bring a room together. It is hard to relax with the bright light of the main outlet, and winter is all about feeling cozy. Fairy lights are also great in this area and are easy to place around walls and curtains.


Perfect Seasonal Small Details

Browse around for some winter scented candles or diffusers to enhance the modifications. The small things are there to make a room reach its full potential, and your favorite scent has a special way of interacting with the surroundings to spark joy. Other than candles, throw pillows and blankets are a staple of this time of year and will make furniture more appealing, tone down your heating bill, and provide a simple route into snuggling up.


Check Your Curtains

Are your curtains winter ready? If they are light, thin, and flimsy the answer is, unfortunately, no. The ideal curtains to combat cold weather are made with thicker fabric, drop heavily on the rail and hang down to the floor while being the right size to pull completely together. So, if yours are not quite ticking all the boxes, making some changes in this area simply makes a room feel warmer.

So, there you have it. Some simple ways to make your living space the ultimate den of comfort in time for unfavorable weather and dark days.