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If your windows are starting to lose their attractive appearance and are looking more worn down day by day. Or if you dread going to fight with your window to open or close properly, it’s time to get back your peace of mind with a window replacement.


But that sounds a lot easier said than done. If you don’t know where to start, sorting through various window replacement companies can seem like an endless task. Window installations tend to be out of the scope of home DIYers, it’s best to leave this to the professionals. The windows on your house  are an important investment that should be taken lightly, that’s why it’s always best to leave it to the professionals. Finding a good window installation company can help you avoid hidden costs and higher bills that usually come with bad installation.


What to look for in a good window installation company



First things first,  the most important thing when looking for a window installation company is finding one that you can trust. No one wants to pay for shoddy workmanship or shifty quality, everyone ideally wants to work with a company that you can trust to do proper installation, quality work and that has amazing customer service.


Now you have a little levity in how you want to begin finding companies to put through your filters. Whether you source a list from Google, friends, family, coworkers, or wherever, you want to take a look through the company’s website to take a peek at their portfolio and reviews, but it’s worth seeking outside referrals about the company too. Don’t just look for the golden, glowing reviews, ask for both negative and positive reviews to really try to get a genuine feel for the company.


When on their website, make a point to look at the before and after photos of completed installation jobs. At this point, if you’re getting a good feeling, you can book an in-home consultation and ask their representative questions about the company’s history, experience, warranty, and customer service. Having an in=home consult will also let you see some samples of products and materials they use.


Ratings And Reviews

In today’s digital age, there are literally thousands of ways to find ratings and reviews all at the convenience of your fingertips. There are plenty of review sources you can check, it’s recommended to check at minimum two. Keep in mind that if you are seeing a lot of positive reviews, you may have a contender in a window installation company. Look for signs that the reviews are genuine that have photos, specific details and appear to be written by real people.


Now, if you are seeing the opposite trend of negative reviews with a common theme, it may be best to steer away from that particular company. Pay extra attention to comments about after-sales service, professionalism during the installation, reliability and punctuality, and customer service in terms of answering customer questions and concerns.


Professional And Certified Installers

When you’re installing windows on your home, the most important thing is that they are installed properly. This is the only way to ensure that your windows are functional, safe and durable. When looking through installation companies, check for product accreditations and certifications to ensure a high degree of professionalism.


Customer Service

You can truly tell how well a window installation company treats its customers from your first contact with them. Characteristics like responsiveness, reliability and trustworthiness are all good indicators of a company that cares more about more than just a sale. When interacting with representatives, assess how they handle your concerns, if they offer alternatives that are suitable for your budget or aesthetic and if they’re listening to all your inquiries. Every home is different and your style is completely unique, the window installation company you choose to go with should acknowledge and try to accommodate you the best they can.


But never forget and don’t overlook (can’t stress this one enough) about the importance of after-sale service! Once a window installation job is complete, make sure you inquire and understand the warranty. If the seal begins to leak or the lock breaks, how long do you have and what will they cover? Be sure to do all your research thoroughly about a company’s after-sale service. This can be exemplified in their ratings, reviews and referrals. It’s absolutely crucial that you do all your research before picking a company to handle such an important project like window installation.