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It’s Time to D-Eco-Rate Your Home With These 8 Furniture Sources

Since mid-2020, most of us have been spending more time in our homes than ever before. All of this time at home has prompted people to start thinking about their health and well-being. Many people are now considering just how healthy and safe their home environments are.

It may sound dramatic, but many traditional home furnishings and décor materials are made with unsustainable and potentially toxic materials, paints, and finishes. These items can leach harmful toxins into your home and pose health risks to you, your family, your pets, and even the environment around you.

It’s for this reason that sustainable living and eco-friendly home décor have become huge buzzwords in the interior decorating business. It’s better and safer for everyone involved if you choose to decorate your home with ethically made, sustainably sourced, and environmentally mindful furniture and accessories.

Buying sustainable furniture is a potentially challenging exercise. Especially considering the hundreds of unsustainable brands on the market today.

That’s why we’ve created this list of 8 ethical and sustainable furniture sources to help you d-eco-rate your home in style!


1. Masaya & Co

Masaya & Co specializes in creating beautiful, minimalist, and multi-functional furniture pieces. They make stylish floating love seats, sofas, and chairs with incorporated storage and hand-crafted cushioning. Other eco-friendly and family-kind products in their range include rocking chairs, ottomans, bar stools, coffee and side tables, nightstands, bed frames, desks, benches, dressers, TV, and media consoles. Everything sold is vegan, sustainable, heritage, and fair trade.

The company only uses responsibly sourced hardwood like royal mahogany, teak, and Rosita walnut finished with low VOC natural oils. It was originally founded as a reforestation project. But soon, it was adapted to showcase the talent of local carpenters and craftsmen in Nicaragua. Masaya & Co plant 100 trees in Nicaragua for every piece of furniture sold and boasts carbon neutral shipping to boot.

2. What WE Make

Chicago-based furniture manufacturer What WE Make is an expert in creating hand-made, customizable furniture pieces made entirely out of reclaimed materials. The company closely follows the latest design trends and offers something to suit everyone’s tastes. Especially if you are looking for environmentally safe and family-friendly focal points for your living space. What WE Make’s furniture is durable, long-lasting, and stylish. It’s available to suit a wide range of home décor styles, from rustic to modern to minimalist.

The manufacturer creates tables, chairs and benches, bedroom and bathroom furniture, storage units, home office pieces, and media stands. Their favorite materials to work with include specially blended lightweight concrete, welded reclaimed metal, and old-growth wood from reclaimed barns in the midwest. Their furniture has plenty of character thanks to the natural weathering, knots, and cracks in the reclaimed wood. Each piece is finished with no-VOC, eco-friendly varnish. Even their made-to-order design process minimizes waste and maximizes sustainability.


3. Emeco

Emeco creates simple and elegant furnishing solutions like stools, chairs, and tables, and has been doing so since 1944. Everything this company makes is built to last, and created according to Emeco’s philosophy of minimalism and utilitarianism. This company uses green manufacturing processes, energy-efficient lights, renewable electricity, and reused scraps to keep its operations as sustainable as possible.

They use materials like recycled aluminum from post-consumer soda cans and industrial scrap to create seating with C02 emissions 17x lower than virgin aluminum produces. They also use reclaimed and sustainably harvested cork, wood, and recycled PET, along with their own innovative materials like reclaimed wood polypropylene, and eco concrete. Each piece is finished with a no- or low-VOC clear coating.


4. Etsy Reclaimed Furniture

Everyone loves Etsy, and you’ll gain a greater appreciation for this popular craft hub when you discover its many sustainably-minded sellers. There are plenty of gorgeous, eco-friendly furniture options available too, from tables, chairs, and bed frames to wine racks, and driftwood benches.

Some of Etsy’s users’ favorite sustainable furniture sources include Urban Billy and Reclaimed Wood SA. These sellers and many others use reclaimed and upcycled materials in their handicrafts. Supporting them means supporting small businesses and talented artisans who will no doubt appreciate the extra income. Etsy even offers carbon-neutral shipping to seal the deal, making going eco-friendly even more beneficial.


5. Greenington

Greenington makes furniture built to last from strong, durable, and highly renewable natural resources. Their range includes stunning desks, stools, shelves, tables, chairs, sideboards, dressers, bed frames, nightstands, and more.

Each of Greenington’s pieces is made with eco-friendly Moso bamboo by Chinese artisans who’re paid fair wages at ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plants. Bamboo takes less than 5 years to reach maturity, and gives off more carbon than trees as it grows. This company selects and harvests its bamboo by hand, using every scrap to create its sturdy furniture pieces.


6. Medley

Since 2005, Medley has created in-demand and sustainably manufactured accent chairs, sofas, sleeper beds, ottomans, benches, dining tables, coffee tables, and storage pieces.

The Los Angeles, California-based company uses only the best materials like bamboo and locally sourced alder, walnut, and maple from FSC-certified forests. There are two different upholstery options to choose from too: clean CertiPUR-US®-certified foam and Global Organic Latex Standard certified organic latex.

They use cruelty-free eco wool, natural jute webbing, organic cotton, and recycled synthetics to create their unique pieces. All pieces are free of VOC finishes, fluorocarbons, pesticides, heavy metals, formaldehyde, fire retardants, and phthalates to ensure your family’s safety.


7. Urban Wood Goods

Urban Wood Goods creates reclaimed wooden tables, chairs, and benches of all varieties, from dining tables and desks to conference tables, and coffee stands. They don’t just make eco-friendly household furniture, they’re also the ideal brand for any workplace looking to go green. Their work aligns with the trendy metal and wood aesthetic and uses reclaimed pipe and other materials.

This company’s focal point furniture is made from salvaged barn wood and centuries-old, old-growth lumber. They preserve the wood’s natural grains, textures, and flaws, accenting them with salvaged metal pipe and locally made steel structures in their Chicago wood shop.


8. Avocado Green Mattresses

Avocado provides eco-friendly, health-promoting green mattresses as a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. Their environmentally safe mattresses and mattress protectors are made of organic materials and wool, and come in PETA-approved vegan versions.

All products include a 25-year warranty and a 1-year sleep trial. They have had more than 10,000 5-star reviews from customers since Avocado’s establishment. The mattresses’ bases are 100% GOLS organic, eco-INSTITUT®, and OEKO-Tex 100 certified Dunlop latex, made in-house.

Wool mattresses offer coverings consisting of GOTS organic Gaddi wool and GOTS organic kapok fiber. While the vegan mattresses use GOTS organic cotton. They are all free of chemical flame retardants, heavy metals, solvents, nanoparticles, GMOs, azo dyes, phthalates, PVC, and chlorine bleach, and are Greenguard Gold and MADE SAFE® certified.

All materials used are sourced from India from FSC-certified organic rubber trees and ethically-raised sheep. Workers are paid fair wages adherent to International Labor Organization standards. This ensures you can rest easy knowing that you’ve supported a truly worthy business and purchased a product that will last you a lifetime.


Go Green At Home

Whether you’re building your home for the first time or replacing unsustainable furniture, there are plenty of opportunities to choose safe and eco-friendly options. Whether you want to buy off-the-shelf furniture or require customized pieces to suit specific lifestyle needs, you can d-eco-rate with ease.

All of the brands mentioned above can help you to transform your house into a green home that protects your health and the environment.



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