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With the number of architecture firms operating today, it’s crucial to create and implement a robust marketing campaign for yours. How you market your architecture firm can make or break your long-term success — market the firm properly, and you’ll get more clients and revenues.


There are many ways to market your architecture firm — and most of these strategies are low-cost and surprisingly easy to implement. These options can be very advantageous, especially if your architecture firm is still small or new in the industry.


Here are six easy yet effective architecture marketing strategies.


1.  Utilize Social Media

Social media has become part of people’s lives worldwide. 4.62 billion people around the world use social media every day, with more than one million new users per day.

Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/social-media-facebook-twitter-1795578/


Using social media is a must if you want to market your architecture firm. And no, this doesn’t mean that you only create profiles and leave them to stagnate. You should exert time and effort to post high-quality content regularly and interact with your clients through social media. You can even use social media to talk about your services and the benefits of availing them.


Using social media as part of your marketing campaign can be your edge against your competitors. Not all architecture firms worldwide fully utilize their social media profiles. This opens an opportunity to make the most out of the platforms.


2.  Invest in a Website

One of the biggest mistakes most architecture firms commit is to use their websites as business cards. They think that posting their contact details on the website is enough to gain clients. However, this doesn’t work. You should use your website more proactively.


To better market your architecture firm, make the most out of your website. This usually means hiring professionals to design your website and ensure that important web design practices, such as easy navigation and fast loading speed, are implemented on your website.


Keep in mind that the appearance and functionality of your website can affect a person’s decision to avail of your services. Publish a well-designed, well-functioning website, and you’ll have better chances of hauling in more clients.


3.  Use Lead Generation Services

Lead generation services might be one of the oldest marketing strategies architecture firms use, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. On the contrary, it does work, and many established architecture firms still use this service to this day.


Do what your competitors are doing (and succeeding at) and use lead generation services to market your architecture firm, as well. Lead generation has many forms, but the most common is cold calling. This type of marketing happens when an outsourced company collects data from potential clients and then persuades them to avail of your services.


Another type of lead generation is using websites to advertise your services and gather visitor information. Once a visitor enters these sites and sends their information, their data will be sent to you, and you can use it as a lead.


Lead generation services are a great way to find and interact with potential clients fast. As long as you know how to nurture a lead, you won’t have any problems gaining clients using this marketing strategy.


4.  Embrace Technology

Aside from using social media and publishing a website, do you know that there are other ways to use technology to market your architecture firm? There are now technologies that enable you to showcase your designs, which in turn, can help you attract clients.


For one, virtual reality can bring exposure to your digital renderings in a better light, which will impress potential clients. If your firm is one of three to present to a potential client and the other two firms display digital or physical models, can you imagine the reaction of the client if they’re able to see your designs through virtual reality?


One important part of marketing for architectural firms is staying on top of the curve. Clients would usually choose a firm that knows how to embrace and maximize technology in its promotional strategies.


5.  Stay Active in the Community

Digital marketing strategies aren’t the only ways to effectively market your architecture firm. You can market your firm and haul in more clients by getting more involved in your community.


There are many ways to market your architecture firm offline. You can start by picking a group that is aligned with your target market and then look for ways on how your firm can help. For example, if you love children, you can help design and build daycare areas in your community. If you’re a pet lover, meet with vets who want to rebuild their clinics.


Aside from shedding light on your services, staying active in your community can also help you build a relationship with the locals. This will help your firm build a positive brand.


6.  Make Your Existing Clients Happy

All of your efforts to market your architecture firm will go down the drain if your existing clients are unsatisfied with your services. How can you haul in new clients if your current clients speak negatively about your firm? Do you think the public will believe your marketing strategies if your website is filled with clients complaining about your unprofessionalism?


One of the best ways to market your architecture firm is to take care of your existing clients and prioritize their satisfaction. This is important as word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective form of marketing because trust is involved.


When your existing clients are satisfied with your services, they will talk about their experiences with their friends and family. These “friends and family” will likely choose your firm because they know someone happy with your services. This can help you gain plenty of new clients, thanks to the referrals of your existing clients.


Remain Consistent

The key to succeeding in marketing your architecture firm is to remain consistent with your efforts. Even tried and tested marketing campaigns will not bring you results if you only use them for a couple of days.


Implement one or two marketing strategies for a certain period (it takes at least six months to see an ROI for marketing) and then assess if they’re working or not. If they’re working, continue using them. If not, assess what went wrong and improve or use other marketing strategies.