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If you live in a major city, you will have to deal with the realities of a small bedroom – as everything will feel small unless you are a multimillionaire. Even in more rural locations, every home has that one bedroom that seems unreasonably tiny. It leaves you pondering what you can possibly do to make the most of this limited space. Here we summarize all the best advice and the most exciting design tips available.

Making use of Lucite

If you have never heard of Lucite, then you are about to go on a design adventure. Sloane and sons offered this as one of their seven storage design tips for small bedrooms. Lucite is usually used for display cases or for jewelry boxes. It is a transparent but sturdy material which allows natural light to flow through but is strong enough to hold your belongings.

Why is this so clever? Well, think of that radiator that takes up one wall of your small bedroom. Boxing it off in wood would make the room look even smaller but leaving it means you lose that wall for your belongings. Instead, you could create a table shelf over the radiator in Lucite and get the best of both worlds. This feels like a little touch of magic in interior design.

Simple is best

While Lucite will seem magical, the designers at Architectural Digest want to offer a simpler approach to design in your small rooms. The advice feels obvious but is no less powerful. An architect will have come up with a plan for your house and would have imagined how space would be used. Therefore, when you walk in a small bedroom, there will be an apparent main wall, a clear area where someone thought the wardrobe should go – and so on. The best advice is to work with this and not against it. The idea of these pointers is to help you make the most of the space available. So, don’t try to be creative – keep the layout simple.

Double up!

Sometimes when you seek design tips, you know there are answers that just make sense. Ideal Home speaks such common sense when they suggest making items in your room serve a double purpose.

For instance, you might need a place to apply your makeup and a place where you sit at night to write in your journal. It is perfectly logical to appreciate that you need one table to serve both purposes. It just means that you need a drawer for your potions, lotions and brushes and a drawer for your journal and pen. The surface of that table will likely always remain uncluttered with items, allowing it to be used for you need it to be used for.

Equally, if you want a headboard on your bed, it makes sense to use this for storage too. It might be a simple choice, like including a hole and a little shelf at the side of the headboard where you can put your glass of water on a night.

Décor details

The way you decorate your small bedroom is also vital to how space feels. Elle Décor offers detailed design tips on the wallpaper, paints and floor coverings that will work best for you. The best advice was the use of dark colours to add depth but then using lighter accessories to bounce off all available natural light. White walls will appear two-dimensional and only exaggerate how small space is. If you use dark colours on the wall and maybe even stripes, you give a perception of depth. However, as with anything, darkness needs to come in moderation, and there needs to be lighter points in the room, else it will feel pokey.

Look up, think small

House Beautiful is pragmatic in the design tips offered. The best way to make use of a small space is to use its heights as well as the floor space. This use of the walls could be as simple as having lights on the walls to stop the shadows in the corners. Equally, you could build storage up high, so that it is not taking up carpet space.

However, maybe you could shrink down the size of the furniture. Go for a three-quarter size double instead of full size. Choose a stool that looks like a bench, rather than going for something bigger that will steal space. It creates a wonderful illusion like Alice in Wonderland!