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The entrance door is an obligatory element of the house, decoration, and protection from prying eyes. Doors come in different types, from classic options with solid construction to original designs and glass paneled exterior doors, with lattices and forging. To choose correctly, rely on your taste and the opinion of the household members. And also, do not forget that the door reflects your character, opening the “curtain” to all who knock on it – strangers, neighbors, and friends. Our article will describe the types of door leaves and the pros and cons of glass front doors.


 Advantages of glass exterior doors

Installing the door at the stage of repair or after moving, some people do not think about how important comfort is and bet on the mansion’s or a small house’s beauty. Or, on the contrary, make the place inaccessible to thieves, but meanwhile, create discomfort for the family. After all, such a door does not receive light from the word “at all,” which affects the corridor’s lighting. And if the rooms are connected, and there are few windows, it can harm the well-being of all relatives.

Therefore, installing doors with a glass front or, better, with impact-resistant insulating glass may be a priority. When choosing a door, we recommend taking several factors into account:

  • how safe the neighborhood or city of residence is;
  • how worried you are about your safety.

You can get a door with large or side panels if the house is in a good neighborhood with no disadvantaged neighbors. A front door with windows at the very top also looks very nice.

However, if you fear for the safety of your own life and property, installing a cast door with many secure locks is better. If you want to buy a glass door, small inserts of tempered, tinted, or frosted glass with bars for security purposes will do.


1. Lighting and comfort

The presence of daylight in the hallway is quite a tangible advantage of glass exterior doors. After all, many people can’t imagine life without sunlight and warmth in each room. It is possible to choose side glazing, install overhead transoms or place transparent panels around the entire perimeter. If the terrain allows, it is worth buying sliding doors made of impact-resistant glass. Excellent and proper lighting is the key to the well-being of all households.


 2. Spectacular style

Doors with glass inserts or made entirely of glass are unambiguously spectacular. It is useless to argue, as well as to prove this fact. However, several possibilities can be used to influence the door’s appearance. For example, the material of the door itself and its combination with the glass, the number of inserts, and their location play a role. Doors of fiberglass with imitation of a natural wood look beautiful, and doors with stained glass and forging also beneficially show themselves. Also important is how it all will look in the overall context.


What are the disadvantages of doors with glass inserts

Naturally, everything has disadvantages, and installing glass doors brings disadvantages. For example, are glass front doors safe? Given their production and installation peculiarities, the doors are considered less reliable and stable. Although nothing prevents you from strengthening the security – put bolts, enhance the glass with beautiful lattices with forging, put the alarm system and sensors, and have a service dog. In addition, the penetration of light through the windows will not protect you from the prying eyes of the neighbors or uninvited guests who can peep through the glass. But, of course, if the neighbors are adequate and you don’t see a problem with that, glass doors suit you.


1. Confidentiality

Unfortunately, the more the corridor is lit from the outside, the fewer options you have to hide from uninvited guests. Of course, such cases will not always occur, but if these thoughts always visit you, they will not improve. In this case, if you want to install a glass door, it is better to prefer frosted glass or with the presence of gaps and patterns. The sun’s rays penetrate the room through them, making it cozy. However, other people will not be able to see you.


 2. Glass front door security and durability


The opinion that glass doors are less safe is not unreasonable because, in any case, it is difficult to install a broad leaf. After all, the windows will not look harmonious. Therefore, the entrance door is less impact-resistant than cast metal or wood. Therefore, this disadvantage of glass doors is present. Always keep in mind the additional systems of your security, even if you live in a peaceful neighborhood. You should choose impact-resistant or double-pane glass when ordering a door from a store. Regular glass is easy to break through and even more accessible for thieves to open the door and break in. If you do not want to buy durable glass, get art forging on the windows, you can see how luxurious it looks in the photo.

The durability of doors with glass panels is affected by the quality of the glass. So, it is better to provide for everything in advance and discuss your position when purchasing doors in the store – the best option is tempered glass or installing bars on the windows. If you choose the first option, it will be a winning combination because it is challenging to break such a glass. It will remain intact even if you slam the doors or hit it with all your might. Stained glass windows look very beautiful. If you install exquisitely wrought iron grilles on top, you can create a harmonious style of the door leaf.


Is it worth choosing glass entrance doors?

Glass doors are worth choosing if the house is in a safe neighborhood. If not, if you want to make transparent inserts on the doors and flood the lobby with light, it is better to make impact-resistant full glass or install grilles. In this case, glass in the form of small transoms at the top of the doors will do. It will give the entrance to your home an aesthetic look. If the area is more secure, you can put the hazed glass through which the light penetrates well but hides everything that happens inside from outsiders.



So, the disadvantages of glass entry doors are the lack of privacy if the windows are transparent. With such doors, security is somewhat reduced. You can give confidence in the future by installing tempered glass or bars and double doors and equipping the house with alarms, fences, and other security systems. There are a lot of advantages of such doors – from the stylish appearance to getting sunlight into the room and creating tangible comfort.