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We may hate to admit it, but many can honestly say that we have our fair share of clutter and mess in our homes. Whilst we may not be hoarders, we may still have many items lying around our living areas, particularly our bedrooms. The bedroom is where we dress up and groom ourselves (aside from it being a sleeping area, after all). It follows that we have plenty of things in our bedrooms that aren’t found in other areas – from clothes to shoes to jewelry, accessories, and so on. So if you are tired of dealing with the mess and clutter in your bedroom and other living spaces, it may be time to look for a solution. And one convenient solution is within reach: the fitted wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes are known as an excellent storage solution because they are made precisely for your space. But the fitted wardrobe comes with a few other little-known advantages that you may not have thought about as well. So what are they? Here’s your list.


They can update your bedroom or living space


Whether you choose to install them in your bedroom or another room, such as a family room, den, or even a garage or loft, your fitted wardrobe can update the space. It can add to the whole theme of the room and make everything look more cohesive. If you want something entirely new and would like to give the room a complete makeover, having a fitted wardrobe installed is an easy way to do so. Rather than looking dated, the room can look sleeker and more stylish and contemporary, and you can easily look for other pieces that can fit your fitted wardrobe, particularly if you go for a neutral finish or colour for your wardrobe.



They can fit awkward places


If you have a room under the stairs or have a sloping ceiling, hidden pipes, or a combed ceiling, you can still choose to have a fitted wardrobe installed in the space. It isn’t the case with classic cabinets, which you can’t fit into any awkward place at all. The fitted wardrobe expert (such as My Fitted Bedroom, known for being specialists in built-in wardrobes in Manchester) can measure the available space and then design a wardrobe that fits into it. This eliminates space wastage as you can utilise every inch of space in the room.



You can use it to hold everything – whilst still keeping your room clean and clutter-free


Whilst we’d like to think that we are ‘neat freaks,’ most of us are probably somewhere between a slob and a person obsessed with neatness. And even if you have the best intentions, you may sometimes feel too tired or lazy to tidy up and put everything away. This is where your fitted wardrobe can come in handy as well because you can use it to hold everything – whilst still keeping your room clean and clutter-free. If you don’t have the time to put everything in its proper place just yet, you can still have a tidy bedroom or living area by simply putting your items in your fitted wardrobe and getting to it later. You can hide them all in there, and you don’t have to feel stressed or anxious any longer!