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It’s common knowledge that the busy schedule of each member of a family never meets—how much more when they have to follow a timetable for accomplishing several household maintenance tasks. A mental note may not be as reliable as everyone would think and may result in having a ‘long-overdue list’ of errands.

A checklist is essential to remember the monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual inspection, cleaning, and repair schedule. To check the gutters and landscape, unblock drains outside, and inspect the exterior parts of the house, you may hire the services of different household maintenance companies to ensure that all of these tasks are handled well.

The list of tasks mentioned is often put off until problems caused by damages to your property arise. The delays in maintenance and repair may cost you even more. But to help you understand what you should set a budget for and prioritize, here are the ten lesser-known household maintenance tasks you should be preparing for:


  1. Unblocking of Outside Drains

Often, people forget the value of outside drains until it creates a problem. Leaves may accumulate with the mud washed by rainwater that will cause flooding. To keep this from happening, you may inspect and clean the outside drain of your house every two months.

Preventive measures must be implemented through maintenance as flooding may result in damages to the house’s interior, electrical, plumbing, and may also cause waterborne diseases.

There are ways to unblock an outside drain which a professional plumber can do for you. You can also opt to do it on your own, just make sure that you protect your eyes and mouth from contaminated waste and water.


  1. Soil and Landscape

Soil curbing and landscaping are always thought to be just for aesthetics. Without proper knowledge on techniques and maintenance, people wouldn’t know how to prevent the soil from eroding, and the flood and snow from getting into your house, garage, and basement.

To keep such things from happening, you may install water barrels that will help reduce the amount of water that gets to the soil. Using mulch can also be beneficial to control erosion, as well as the planting of grass and trees. The addition of slopes can help in directing water away from the house.


  1. Roof Gutters

Roof gutters are usually left out during general cleaning. Leaves in the fall or spring accumulate in it, creating a blockage. And as a result, it redirects the rainwater somewhere else.

Most especially in dry and humid areas, gutter cleaning is one of the most neglected home maintenance tasks. If you keep on skipping this, it will be difficult for you to deal with blockage issues when the rainy season comes.

The presence of black streaks on the gutters are results of an asphalt and dirt build-up. You need to clean and clear the gutters of dry leaves every month to prevent water congestion.


  1. Concrete Slabs and Foundation

As a homeowner, you might think that the amount of money you spent on the house construction is enough for it to withstand all weather conditions and naturally-occurring circumstances that crumble its concrete slabs and foundation.

Over periods of time, concrete slabs develop hairline cracks that allow water and insects to penetrate within. Once nested, it will create more damage over time, and the foundation will falter.

The renovation will cost more, and you may need to temporarily evacuate. Common factors that contribute to the foundation and concrete slab deterioration are temperature change, moisture retention, ground vibrations, and soil composition.


  1. Plumbing

Plumbing is an essential part of household maintenance. When plumbing system problems are left unfixed, it could cause water flow restriction and contamination. Consequently, drinking contaminated water will lead to many different health problems including gastrointestinal illness caused by water intoxication.

PVC pipes are the latest and most durable type of pipe used for sewer lines. If you want to replace your old pipes with PVC, especially when you live in an old home, you might want to hire a professional to do an inspection first and allow them to make changes if necessary.

Failing pressure regulators, water heater damage, rusting pipes, blocked shutoffs, and water valves are the common problems encountered in the plumbing system. You might want to put this on your checklist to ensure that the water you drink from the faucet is potable and safe for your family.


  1. Caulking

Caulking refers to the application of waterproof sealant that stops water seepage and moisture from getting inside the house. It prevents the rotting and molding of the inner structures of the house, especially in the ceiling and walls.

It may be used as fillers to seal counters, sinks, countertops, tubs, bathroom floors, or walls. Another benefit caulking has is that it prevents air leakage so that the house can stay cooler in the summer months. It also saves you money and energy on air conditioning and heating systems costs.


  1. Testing of Fire Safety Equipment and Alarm System

The fire safety equipment and alarm systems installed in your house also require regular upgrades. But without proper testing and maintenance, these may not serve their purpose and may malfunction during emergencies.


  1. Outdoor Painting Inspection

You always have to choose the right type of paint for the house’s exterior. However, any type of paint will naturally fade because of prolonged exposure to heat and moisture. It is best not to wait for the flaking phase to happen to prevent damages from occurring in the underlying structures of your house.

Extreme weather conditions significantly contribute to the cracking, peeling, and flaking of outdoor paints. Especially when you live by the beach or coastal areas, saltwater and humid air will cause the color to fade sooner than expected. Water seepage and insect nesting are more likely to happen if maintenance tasks like this are delayed.


Taking All Into Consideration

Household maintenance tasks are often set aside. They only become important when severe damages appear. Though you might spend money on inspection and minor repairs, this cost will not equal to the expenses that could burden you because of the need to do a complete house reconstruction and reinstallation of plumbing systems.

By maintenance tasks, you can protect your family from unwanted circumstances caused by certain damages to your household while keeping your property’s value. When the time comes, and you want to sell your home, everything will be convenient, and you’ll get the higher appraisal your house deserves.