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Exercising at home is the best way to get in shape without incurring gym membership expenses. However, before you fill your home gym with the right equipment, you need to know how to create the right type of home gym. Here are 7 tips to build a home gym that makes you want to exercise.

If you are considering canceling your gym membership and committing to a home workout program, you need to build a gym that helps you stick to your fitness goals. Here are tips to help you get started.

Find Essential Equipment

When starting out, it’s tempting to buy expensive equipment. However, begin with basic equipment such as adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells. You don’t need bulky equipment to make your space an effective gym for working out.


Also, tailor the machine to your specific workouts. For instance, buy a jump rope for cardio and if you want to increase the intensity, invest in a weighted jump rope. If your goal is to build strength, go for adjustable dumbbells.


Remember, it’s not necessary to fill your home gym with most of the equipment you need at once. Begin with a few essential pieces of equipment and then build up from there.


Choose the Perfect Space

If you have extra space, you have many options. However, if you have limited space, choose exercises that don’t require a lot of space. Workouts such as squats, sit-ups, and push-ups require little space and produce great results. You can also choose space-saving exercise equipment.


It’s also important to decide the location of your home gym. For instance, the garage and basements are suitable because they tend to remain cooler. However, an extra room can also make a great exercising space.


Make Your Gym Conducive

Ensure your home gym contains adequate light and air supply. A room that doesn’t contain a good air supply tends to feel suffocating and depressing. If it lacks enough light, consider using overhead light bulbs or bringing in some plants and placing laps in the corners.


Plants increase oxygen levels because they open up space. It’s also crucial to remove anything that can distract you as you exercise to help you remain focused. You can also hang a big mirror on the wall to motivate you as you exercise.


Mirrors are also important if you are exercising alone because they help you reduce injury and correct your posture.


Organize Your Home Gym

If your gym is large, create some order and then arrange the machines depending on how often you use them. However, if you have several machines that you want to keep in a small room, look for a storage container.


Storage containers are an ideal option because you can slide them under your furniture or bed to hold small, portable equipment like jump ropes and sliders. If you have an empty wall, you can also transform it into a storage space using a hanging organizer to keep your bands tangle-free.


Consider Your Floor Type

If you intend to use weights in your gym, ensure they are spread evenly across the flooring joist. Avoid loading up dumbbell racks that are between two-floor joists. If your flooring option is plywood, it can collapse or warp under the load.


Rubber mats are an excellent choice as they can handle any exercise, weight, or equipment. They also offer great sound insulation and are easy to clean. If you are performing deadlifts or power cleans, build an Olympic platform because weights can bust plywood or concrete floor.


Create Your Gym on a Budget

Gym equipment prices differ depending on size and use. To keep costs low, start with the machines we have mentioned above and then add new machines gradually. You can also look for bargains at an off-store department store.


You can find dumbbells, yoga mats, resistance bands, kettlebells, and other exercise accessories. Another great place to visit is the big-box stores.


Although they don’t have a large variety of machines, you can find basic equipment at an affordable price than buying at a sporting equipment store. If you are looking for large equipment, search for second-hand items online to save some money.


Utilize Your Home Gym

Put your gym to good use. Hit the treadmill for solo exercises or invite your friend to come and train with you. Like a membership gym, you will see results if you combine your training sessions with a healthy diet.



Building your home gym allows you to design a space that meets your fitness needs. We hope our tips will help you create a gym that inspires you to exercise regularly.