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Living by the beach is something that many of us dream of. If you’ve always loved vacations by the beach, you may be keen to spend your life in this fun, peaceful environment. The idea of sea air, gorgeous vistas, and beachside atmosphere can be appealing, and there are many advantages to life by the sea. You might find that you work more productively and creatively with so much fresh air and inspiration. You are also more likely to exercise when the beach is on your doorstep for long walks and water sports. Living by the beach can improve your health and happiness.

For many, it’s little more than a pipedream. But, if you are making that dream a reality, here are some tips to help you to get it right.

Carefully Consider Location

Beaches aren’t all the same. Some beach towns are thriving, with plenty going on, and others are more peaceful. Some are tourist hotspots, whereas others are more out of the spotlight. If you plan to continue working in your current post and commute in, that needs to be a consideration. Otherwise, will you be looking for work or working from home? Do you need to consider schools? There aren’t often as many options for education in more remote beachside locations. Think about all this carefully and find a beach location that offers everything that you need.

Find the Right Property

Of course, the house itself is also important. You’ll want your home to be safe and secure, just as you would in the city. You’ll also want plenty of space, and perhaps a great view of the sea. Finding the right home can take time, and you may find that using a Home Builder is a better idea. Quoting Annas Development home builder “building your own custom home, instead of buying an existing home, is not for everyone”. That’s why consulting a specialist would be helpful if you are hesitating between buying or building your own.

Be Patient

Moving can take time, and you shouldn’t rush. It may take months of going backward and forwards, and even living separately from your family before life settles. But don’t panic, it will get there in time.

Be Prepared for Big Changes

Life at the beach is very different from city life, and you should be prepared for changes. You might miss busy city life and find it hard to be away from your friends and family. You should also be ready for bustling crowds of tourists in the summer, attractions and stores closing in the winter, and far more limited transport options than you are used to.

Get Involved in the Community

If you’ve always lived in the city, you may never have said hello to your neighbors. Life at the beach is different. There’s a real community spirit. To fully embrace beachside life, you should get involved in it.

Don’t Expect Life to be a Vacation

Living by the beach isn’t the same as visiting on vacation. First, you’ll be there all year around. Second, you won’t be spending your days relaxing and having fun. You’ll be working, cooking, cleaning, and getting on with everyday life.

Try to Move in the Cold Season

Moving in the cold season when there are no tourists can be far easier than moving when the streets are crowded, and parking is at a premium. Try to arrange your move for a quieter time.

Moving to the beach is incredibly exciting, but it’s a good idea to give in plenty of thought and make sure you understand the realities of beach life before rushing in. Good luck!