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It is easy not to notice leaks in your house. However, leaks can indicate a severe problem and need to be addressed right away. It is therefore essential to carry out routine leak checks in your home. There are several ways to tell if your home is leaking—some are signs you would expect to see, but there are some signs your house may have a leak that you may not recognize immediately. Here are six signs that your home may leak in the water lines:

  • Water Puddles 

Any puddles in your yard or around your foundation can indicate a leak in the water lines. When you do your routine checks, you should inspect any wet areas with a pump or another form of a water storage tank. If you notice any wetness, it may indicate a leak in the mainline that carries your water supply to your home. A leak detection process will identify points that you may otherwise overlook. It’s important to consider such services to reduce the risk of property damage from unnoticed leaks. 

  • Wet Carpet

A wet carpet without a clear indication as to the cause is a sign that there may be a water leak. If you find wetness, then this means that your leaking water is getting into the surface of the ground beneath your foundation. This type of water leak can often be more severe than other types, especially if it seeps into a basement or crawl space.

  • Cracks around Your Home

The water leaking from a pipe connecting into the home may also seep through your plumbing and get into the walls, concrete or wooden floors, or ceilings of your home. Check your basement, attic, or garage for a leak. If there are cracks in your foundation due to drainage problems or the structure has weakened over the years, there may be a leak in your water lines.

You will also have to watch for the texture of the wall material. If there is any discoloration or distortion, there may be a leak. Check the underside of walls and ceilings for cracks and gaps where water can escape. Make sure that there is no dirt or sand in the pipes that lead to the outlets. You also need to ensure that there is no debris or leaves on the roof so that you can check the pipes properly. Make sure that you do not overlook drains and sewer lines as they are prone to leaks too. 

  • Change in Water 

It would be best if you also looked for any changes in the taste of your water. A metallic taste may be one of the early signs that a leak has occurred. Odor can also be detected when there is a leak. Make sure that there is no change in your tap water smells. If you notice that your sink, faucets, and toilets are getting clogged with mineral deposits, it may be due to a leak.

  • Musty Odor

Another warning sign to look out for is a musty odor in your home. The odor from a water leak can often be an indicator of serious problems that may be going on under your house. If you notice a musty smell in the air, you must check the water lines and shut off all of the water in the house as soon as possible.

  • Mold in the House

None of us want to see mold in our home. It is especially nefarious as mold starts out as microscopic spores, which you will not notice until it has already begun to grow and establish a colony in your home. Mold can attack and attach itself to almost any kind of organic material. Due to the location of moisture inside a house, mold growth will generally occur inside certain areas such as a basement, which may have several water pipes under it.

Mold spores travel through any water that is present and thrive on it. When a leak occurs in your home, the water will inevitably get into the walls and crawl spaces beneath your foundation. You can spot mold on your walls, roof, underneath the sink, and wooden surfaces. These are indicative of a water leak in your house. If you have mold, you will have to deal with both the leak and with mold treatment in order to preserve your respiratory health.


It is essential to detect a water pipe leak in your home before significant damage to the house. Some of the signs of a water pipe leak in your house include water puddles, a wet carpet, cracks around your home, change in water taste, and mold growth. It is essential to have leak detection carried out to prevent significant damage to your property.