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A functioning plumbing system is one of the most critical components of a bathroom. A proper plumbing system in your bathroom will ensure that you have a hygienic space to live and perform your activities. However, it’s easy to forget your bathroom plumbing as long as it works right.

Your plumbing system can malfunction after years of usage. If it’s not corrected early enough, this could cause a significant problem in your house, such as odors, molds, and rodent infestation. To ensure that your plumbing system serves you appropriately for long, you need to get quality accessories, such as pipes and quality globe valves to prevent reoccurring water flow problems. However, you should still inspect your pipes for any red flag and work on them.

Signs Of A Failing Plumbing System

If the plumbing system fails or has developed any problem, it’s easy for you to identify it. Of course, you should always conduct regular maintenance checks, but you’ll need to rework the system if some signs show.

Here’s a list of some of the signs you should check out in your bathroom:


Odors From The Drains

A functioning drain should allow water to flow through it and drain into the sewer line. However, there are instances when the flow could be interrupted by leaks, a broken pipe, or clogs. There’ll be an odor coming from the drain, and you’ll be able to identify any unusual smell.

If you notice any odor coming from your drains, you should try unclogging your pipes using drain snakes or chemicals. If the problem doesn’t go away, you could consider reworking your drain system as the problem could be complex.


Reduced Water Pressure

Several reasons could cause the water pressure in your bathroom to decrease One of the reasons could be clogs, which aren’t a reason for you to rework your piping system. However, if the clogs are persistent, it should be a cause for concern because this could indicate a bend on the pipe or a burst that allows debris to enter the piping system.

Another cause of reduced water pressure could be leaking on the pipes. Even if the leak is small, you should work on it early enough as the pressure could turn it into a burst, leading to significant repair costs. If the reduced pressure is a one-time thing, it shouldn’t be a cause for worry. If it’s consistent, rework your piping system.


Slow Drainage

Slow drainage is a problem that most homeowners encounter. The problem could be minor and can be corrected by unclogging the drain pipes. However, there are cases wherein standard unclogging practices just won’t work.

Such is an indication of an advanced problem that needs more maintenance checkups. Once you notice that the slow drainage isn’t going away, that’s a telltale sign that you need your plumbing reworked.


Aging Pipes

Typically, pipes will age and wear out with time. Even if they’re working perfectly, it’ll only be a matter of time before they start failing due to rust, clogs, and other problems.

Some homes have pipes that have been installed and used for up to 50 years. In such cases, you should replace your plumbing system with new and better pipes to avoid severe issues. Moreover, an old plumbing system may have limited functionality; hence, you should rework it to make it more functional.


Knocking Pipes

Several problems can lead to knocking pipes when you’re using your bathroom. Cases such as loose valves, loose support straps, or irregular water pressure could all cause knocking in pipes. If the problem persists and becomes major, the pipes could shift, leading to leaks, bursts, and, worse, damaged walls.

If this happens, you should call for professional help immediately to get the problem fixed. Knocking pipes is a serious case and should always be attended to immediately.


Strange Colored Water

Water coming out from your bathroom pipes should always be clear. If you notice that the water’s color changes to brown or red, then the pipes could be rusting, or there could be a leak allowing entry of dust. Colors such as green indicate corrosion of water pipes or water tanks. Leaks could also allow air in the pipes, leading to gray coloration in the water. All these are warning signs that the plumbing system needs repairs before such issues develop to costly levels.



When the bathroom plumbing system is working correctly, every homeowner can have a reason to smile. However, this doesn’t eliminate the risk of a problem developing. It’s the reason you should always do regular maintenance to keep the drainage system functional.

Some problems could need more than standard maintenance. When you see such signs developing and becoming consistent, start the repair immediately. You should work with a professional plumber to avoid further damage.