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The locks in your home play a crucial role in security. Over the years, the lock and key combination has been a simple yet highly effective security measure, serving as the initial line of defense against potential threats from the outside world. If one of your home’s locks is compromised, no alarms, cameras, or sensors will help. Consider replacing the door locks if you believe your home’s security is jeopardized or requires an upgrade.

Here are some telltale signs that it’s best to replace your home’s locks:


1.  Keys That Have Been Misplaced Or Stolen

If you misplaced your keys, you’d likely find them a few hours later. It can happen to anyone, but it’s best not to take any chances. However, if your keys are lost, it’s best to replace the door locks since someone might have gotten them. Remember that missing keys can be a potential security risk, especially if they’re attached to a keychain containing your details such as your phone number or address.

In the worst-case scenario, losing the key to your home office, where you store important belongings, can be a significant breach. Contacting a locksmith right away for a lock replacement is one way to give yourself peace of mind. Today, you’ll enjoy a good selection of the best pocket door locks to ensure the best security.

When you tend to lose your keys, upgrade to smart locks. In most cases, you no longer require keys, saving you the time and effort of looking for them.


2.  Visible Signs Of Wear And Tear

Like the rest of your home’s components, the door locks will deteriorate. As the locks get older, they eventually wear out. When this happens, your locks will no longer be able to keep your home secure and are more likely to develop flaws, making your home vulnerable to burglary attempts.

The exterior locks tend to degenerate due to constant exposure to the elements. When a lock begins to rust, it weakens from the inside, making your home vulnerable to a break-in. Make it a routine to regularly inspect all of the door locks in your house. Once you find any signs of damage such as wear or rust formation, consider replacing them right away.


3.  Relocating To A New Residence

Because you’ll be packing, unpacking, and arranging your belongings, relocating can be exciting and stressful. You probably have many tasks to work on right now, but changing the door locks is a good idea before unpacking and welcoming visitors into your new home.

Even if you have the keys once you move into your new home, you never know if past tenants have duplicates. Remember that even if you have a newly-built house, consider replacing the locks so you’ll have peace of mind. If you want to provide your home with a superior level of security, you can try smart locks or door chains.

4.  A Lock That’s Been Damaged Or Isn’t Working Properly

When a door lock is damaged or no longer functions properly, it’s an obvious sign that replacement is a must. Turning the key becomes difficult when your lock is damaged, and it no longer locks or opens completely.

When this happens, it’s best to be proactive and think about replacement options before you end up in a lockout, which can be inconvenient.


5.  Increasing The Number Of Security Updates Available

Over the years, the locks you currently have in your home might no longer be the best on the market. The locks in your home may no longer provide the highest level of security due to deterioration over time and constant exposure to the natural elements.

If you want to upgrade the security in your home to a whole new level, consider the latest locking systems such as electronic or biometric locks. Some of the most recent models include advanced features such as automatic photo capture when the door opens.

You can find locking systems with advanced security features that’ll keep your home safe, depending on the level of security you require.


6.  An Attempted Break-In Occurred Recently

If you’re a victim of a recent break-in attempt, it’s crucial to replace your door locks. When the burglary attempt involves force, the door or its locking mechanism is likely damaged. In such cases, it’ll no longer close or lock properly. However, if a burglar tries to pick the lock or uses a spare key that you didn’t properly hide, your door locks are likely compromised. It won’t be long before there’s another break-in attempt.

The best decision is to call a locksmith to replace the door locks as soon as possible. You might even consider installing extra security features such as deadlocks or mortice bolts.


Final Thoughts

Every homeowner’s top priority is the safety of their home. The door locks serve as the initial line of defense from potential burglary attempts. Once you notice any of these signs, calling a professional locksmith to replace the locks in your home is a good decision.