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When it comes to making your outdoor space more inviting, lighting plays a crucial role. While sunshine and moonlight may be the best light sources in outdoor areas, there are different types of lights that can be a great complement to spaces, thereby enhancing their look and providing them with a welcoming vibe.

With this in mind, below are the six best types of lights for outdoor locations:

  1. Flood Lights

One of the popular outdoor lights that you may consider is the flood light. These offer wide-spanning lighting which allows you to cover large areas as well as those which aren’t easy to illuminate. Also, placing some flood lights in your outdoor space comes with security benefits. They can help safeguard your property from the risk of robbery and vandalism.

Thus, if you’re maintaining a large yard, you can think about using flood lights to illuminate the area. But, before the installation, be sure to consider the level of brightness your space needs. For bigger spaces, you can add either a halide security or a high-pressure sodium light.

  1. Path Lights

If you need help in navigating walkways while emphasizing them, then, you may consider adding path lights onto these outdoor areas. They’re a soft to moderately bright type of lighting that you can use to illuminate both sides of the main walkways, along the stepping stones from the walkway, and around the flower beds to highlight their contours.

Depending on your outdoor area, you can add low-voltage path lights or the energy-saving solar versions that can stay bright for many hours after dusk. These light options can be a good way to brighten up your pathways when walking outside in the night.

  1. Spot Lights

Another popular type of light when it comes to landscaping is the spot light. Unlike flood lights, spot lights provide direct and focused light on specific areas. This means focusing beams in narrow lines which are directed at a single focal point.

Hence, if you’re looking to illuminate key areas such as signage, doors, fixtures, waterways, pools, and some architectural features, you shouldn’t hesitate to add spot lights and other accent lights as one of the effective landscape lighting tips. Spot lights can be a great way to enhance the overall look of your outdoor space, especially during night time.

  1. Motion Sensor Lighting

Nowadays, outdoor lighting options aren’t only for illumination and enhancement purposes. If you want to keep your outdoor area completely safe, then installing motion sensor lighting can be an excellent idea. These lighting varieties come with sensors which consist of small electronic devices that can detect infrared waves and tend to radiate when things start moving. For example, when this type of outdoor lighting detects a sufficient amount of heat radiation which is present in both humans and animals, it’ll automatically turn the lights on. If you’re after the safety of your family and property, fixtures like this from shops like Touchstone lights can perfectly become functional at night and during dark hours.

  1. Front Door Lighting

In addition to safety reasons, it’s best to light up your beautiful front door with the best front door lighting options to create a welcoming vibe. Depending on the type of entryway you have or the style of your home, there are several varieties to choose from. For example, if you want to keep the front door from looking too empty, you can mount hanging lights such as lanterns and pendants to the siding or both. If you have a stone or brick pier, and you want it to stand out, installing pier mount lights can be an exceptional option for your front door area.

  1. String Lights

If you need outdoor lighting for entertainment purposes, string lights can be an ideal choice. They’re a low-voltage accent lighting that can be used to produce an intimate, warm ambiance that’s perfect when holding an event outside. As such, installing them can be one of the outdoor lighting designs you can consider to brighten your night life. For example, if you want to illuminate your outdoor gazebo or pavilion for a dinner celebration with friends, then string lights can do that for you. Just make sure you choose the spectacular types of string lights that’ll work best for your outdoor needs. But, for convenience and safety reasons, you may consider the solar-powered options with long-lasting bulbs to avoid running extensions cords and dealing with too many electrical outlets. Doing this can make sure the lights will stay on safely even if it rains, thereby keeping your outdoor activity a happy and memorable one.


Final Thoughts

Indeed, outdoor lighting can be both an aesthetic and safety addition to a variety of outdoor areas. So, if you’re planning to install outdoor lightings for your own space, the information mentioned above can give you an idea on which types will work best for you. By choosing the perfect lights, you can have stylish, safe, well-lit, and comfortable outdoor locations.