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Simplifying meal preparation becomes significantly easier with a tidied-up kitchen. By reducing clutter, you can enjoy increased workspace, hassle-free cleanups, and additional storage space. Even the smallest kitchens can be more functional when unnecessary clutter is removed. Here are several strategies to decrease kitchen items and establish a more tranquil, efficient, and useful environment.

Eliminate Unnecessary Items

Many of us have a habit of storing surplus utensils and appliances in our kitchen, regardless of their daily use. Surprisingly, hoarding numerous kitchen gadgets and dishes isn’t always beneficial. It leads to a messier space, and you’re likely keeping them either for aesthetic reasons or simply because you can’t bear to discard them.

Getting rid of items that are not essential can create more room in your kitchen for the things you use. Consider scheduling a pickup with Easy Donation Pickup to donate unused items, or gifting those multiple types of whisks, refrain from purchasing new blenders if you already own one in good condition, and you’ll see your kitchen becoming neater immediately.

Empty the Countertops

The fastest approach to revamp your kitchen is by tidying up the countertops. Maintain the necessary items such as the coffee brewer, toaster, and perhaps an attractive tray for the olive oil along with salt and pepper. The rest should be removed.

Organize the bread packets, go through the accumulated junk, and find a different place for your stack of recipe books. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, it will seem more spacious and breathable once the counters are free from clutter.

Reduce Your Use of Paper

Consider transitioning from disposable paper napkins to reusable linen or cotton alternatives. Not only do they add a touch of elegance to your table, but they also eliminate the need to constantly restock paper ones. Display them decoratively in a basket on an open shelf or hutch for easy access.

In addition, allocate a specific drawer or basket under your sink for rags and cleaning cloths, eliminating the need for paper towels and the inconvenience of storing them. Regularly sort through your cleaning cloths, dishtowels, and dishcloths, moving any that are stained or torn to the rag collection.

Restrict Oversized Items

While numerous kitchen accessories are both attractive and sizable, smaller kitchens necessitate more practical items. A large, fanciful cookie jar may charm a spacious kitchen, but it takes up valuable counter space in a compact one. However, this doesn’t imply that you can’t incorporate fun elements into a small kitchen. You can still decorate with stylish fridge magnets, chic pot holders, and wall art without encroaching on much-needed space.

Assign a Specific Place for Each Item

After you’ve decluttered and organized your kitchen items, the next step is to arrange them neatly. Don’t simply place them where you picked them up from. It’s crucial that each item has its own designated spot.

This method ensures you can swiftly locate whatever you need while working in the kitchen. Start by categorizing the items and assigning a specific spot for each. For example, drawers are great for storing utensils and silverware. Use cupboards for bowls, plates, and cups.

Cabinets can house pans, pots, and small appliances. Consider using another cabinet for keeping food and appliances that aren’t frequently used. Hooks could be installed for hanging kitchen accessories like pot holders, trivets, and oven mitts. Appliances that you use regularly such as a blender, rice cooker, or coffee maker, can be conveniently positioned on the counter.


Ultimately, your individual taste will have a significant influence on your kitchen organization choices. The primary aim is to dedicate time to arrange the items in your kitchen in a way that best fulfills your needs. By investing time in decluttering and organizing any part of your home, you can expect to enjoy the benefits of a tidy space for many years to come.