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Someone buying a house is an intensely personal decision and every property is not built the same. Selling a home for considerably more than what you invested in it is also about selling a narrative or a lifestyle. Putting in some extra elbow grease and special touches can immensely elevate the value of your home both in the eyes of potential buyers and from a monetary point of view. Here are some tips to make your home more valuable and increase its chances of selling well.


  1. Know The Dynamics Of The Market

Before you decide to put your house on the market do a survey of the immediate competition and also consult a reputable real estate agent about what the market rates are for residential properties in your area. The reason finding out the market rate is important is because your house may be worth a lot more than you think and you would not want to put a lower price tag on it.

Furthermore, in your dealings with potential buyers, you want to seem knowledgeable about the real estate market so negotiations can be more fruitful. If any of your neighbors or people living in the same area are also selling their houses you can converse with them about the marketing avenues they have utilized and the price they are selling them for. Attending open houses in the same area can also yield valuable ideas about how to host your own open house down the road.


  1. Inspections & Fixer-Uppers

In order to sell your house for the maximum possible price, you need to make sure it is in good condition. Broken roof shingles or leaky pipes are only going to reduce buyer confidence and give them the impression they will need to spend a fortune on repairs before the place is livable.

Get a professional inspection and evaluation carried out by a contractor, plumber, and electrician to ensure everything is in working order. A fresh coat of paint and some small fixer-uppers in the main areas of the home like the living room and kitchen can ensure you get the best cash home buyers as potential bidders for your property.


  1. Professional Staging

There are companies that work with real estate agents to professionally stage homes so that the potential buyers can see all the possibilities. Professional staging refers to bringing in furniture in some cases and small touches such as flowers, cookies, a custom house painting, baby cribs, and so forth to show how the space looks when it is fully utilized by a family or couple. Professional staging pays dividends during open houses because buyers can take a walk around and really see the property in all its glory.


  1. The Heart Of The Home

As any real estate extraordinaire will tell you, the kitchen and its state and visual appeal are often one of the main factors that help sell a home for a high price. This is because most people especially families spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, hanging out, and even watching television and replying to emails. If you have a limited renovation budget, focusing on the kitchen can really improve your chances of making an excellent sale. Have the plumbing evaluated, get the kitchen professional cleaned so it shines, and consider replacing broken tiles or repairing water damage.


  1. It’s All In The Marketing

Property needs to be marketed well like any other product or service out there. The marketing should ideally be about showing the pros and advantages of buying a home in that area and the amenities the home comes with.

Showcasing the ‘value’ aspect of the home is essential to make the buyers visualize the kind of life they can have. Take high-quality photos or commission a photographer to take them and work with your real estate agent to upload them onto reputable real estate websites that connect buyers and sellers.

Have a well-written description of your home and its selling points such as ‘newly renovated kitchen and bathroom’ or ‘partially solar-powered sustainable home’ and use bullet points to address all the aspects. Always leave a contact number or email where potential buyers can contact you for further information.

Going a step further and having a 3D render of the property or a map showing proximity to schools and grocery stores can also be a major boost to your home’s value. A buyer looking for a new house will always want to see how the property will fit into their lifestyle (for example how close it is to the school district).