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The end of 2022 is nearly upon us, and this is often the time people start to think about upcoming plans for the fresh new year. While there are lots of goals and things you may want to do, home makeover projects tend to sit high on people’s wish lists. Prioritising what you want to do right now before 2023 even begins means you’ll be that much better equipped to handle whatever projects you want to tackle. Here’s a look at five home makeover projects you may want to consider in 2023.


Kitchens Typically Top the List of Makeover Projects

Wondering what other homeowners rank as their most important makeover project? Kitchen makeovers are typically top of the list as homeowners tend to spend a lot of time in the space so they need a room that is functional and stylish.

The kitchen is also the type of space that offers lots of potential in terms of projects. You can choose simple cosmetic upgrades or veer to the complete opposite side and gut the entire room and start from scratch. Just how extensive of a project you choose comes down to budget, expectations, timeline, expertise and needs.

Some of the things you may choose to upgrade or makeover in the kitchen include:

  • Staining cupboards
  • Installing new cupboards
  • Changing hardware
  • Installing new lighting
  • New countertops
  • Installing a backsplash
  • A different configuration
  • New appliances

The list goes on from here, but these are at least some solid projects to start with.


Out with the Old Flooring and In with Something Beautiful

Flooring is one feature in the house that takes a real beating over time. Even though it is durable and meant to last, over time wear and tear starts to accumulate and eventually the floors will make the house appear dated. If this sounds familiar, then it’s probably time to start looking around to get a feel for the flooring options available.

Carpeting is often the most affordable, but because of allergies and how difficult they are to clean and maintain, they may not be a wise investment. If you’re trying to achieve an elegant and sophisticated space that also feels welcoming and comfortable, wood flooring is the ultimate best option. Look for wood floor specialists in London that can advise you on the best type of wood, stain, sizing and style so you can achieve your dream results.


Paint Room by Room and Transform Your House

Here’s a project that you can work on over a few weeks or months. Painting the interior of your home going room by room will transform the space. This is your opportunity to pick a fresh colour palette that is trendy and stylish, and better reflects your tastes. It’s also incredible how different your existing furniture, fixtures, flooring and décor will look against the new paint colour.

Some of the trending interior paint colours for the home include:

  • Periwinkle
  • Grey (cool undertones)
  • Sage
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Dusty blush


Create a Stunning and Relaxing Master Bedroom

The master bedroom may also appear on your list, especially if it lacks any sort of design concept or inspiration. Most homeowners want a beautiful, serene, elegant and sophisticated-looking master bedroom. Just like with a kitchen makeover, there are many projects you can tackle to achieve the results. Again, it comes down to expectations, needs and budget.


Improve the Exterior Landscaping and Aesthetics

Home makeover projects typically focus on the interior, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the outdoors. If you have any garden space, you may want to spruce it up and give it a more refined and manicured look. This could be as simple as trimming existing hedges, trees and flowers so that things don’t look overgrown, or it could be a more involved project that includes installing hardscaping, new gardens, outdoor seating and so forth.

Don’t forget that, whenever you improve the exterior of your home, you’re also improving its kerb appeal, which is important if you have any plans of selling shortly.

If your home is far from stylish and beautiful, why not embrace a variety of makeover projects in 2023 and start to create the space of your dreams?