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Electricity is something we can’t live without every day—well, almost.

Let’s face it. In this modern era, this is an extreme necessity that we can’t go on without, relative to water. It helps us cook our food and keep it fresh, activate our appliances, use light, brew our tea or coffee. It provides us with entertainment, charges our electronic devices, and many others.

On the other hand, problems may arise when your house starts to feel like a horror movie involving a poltergeist: lights flickering when any appliance is in use, a buzzing noise within the walls, getting an electric shock when you plug things in, short circuits—all signs of electrical problems that should be addressed by a professional.

Why Hire a Professional?

When you experience any of the above, trying to troubleshoot on your own may lead to further or more serious electrical issues. There are various technicalities and factors that only professional electricians can understand and address. The risk involved in touching live wires is exceptionally high; this can cause unwanted accidents that might get you or any family member to the nearest hospital.

There are other unseen signs that may lead to disaster if left unchecked. Over 3000 house fires happen every year due to extension cord overuse according to a research finding by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI).

Hiring professionals, like these electricians in Cumming  who were consulted for this article will certainly give you peace of mind, knowing that the electrical wiring in your house will be repaired, safe, and secure to keep you and your family from any danger. With a newly and professionally repaired electrical system, you will avoid any further repairs that will incur more expenses in the future.

With that being said, below are the 5 electrical emergencies that may require the assistance of a professional:

  1. Walls Sound Like They’re Buzzing

If you lean in close to any of your walls and hear a buzzing noise, this could mean trouble. These could be loose screws in the electric terminals or a major faulty wiring issue. When this happens, call for a professional’s help. They should be able to help you make any necessary repairs.


  1. Lights Flicker When You Plug in Appliances

Whenever you plug the vacuum cleaner in and the lights start to flicker, this could be a sign that immediate repair is needed. This could also mean that you have overloaded circuits at home and they couldn’t handle the amount of power being drawn by your appliances.

Having your power shut off completely is an indication that the fuse box is doing its job, but if the lights dim by themselves or the power doesn’t go out because of an overload, you’re at the risk of setting your house on fire.


  1. You Get an Electric Shock When You Plug in Anything

Getting a static shock from plugging something into an outlet is normal. But if plugging anything in the house gives you an electric shock, it could indicate a big problem.


Typically, the following are some of the common electric shock causes:


  • Faulty outlets or switches – If any of your outlets’ wirings is loose, the flow of electricity becomes unstable. This can lead to a sudden electrical shock if you plug in an appliance. Apart from loose connections, any damage in the outlets or switches such as cracked casing or frayed wiring may also cause an electrical shock as it provides less resistance and a bad path for electricity.
  • Faulty appliances – When an electrical appliance has broken cords, frayed wiring, or damaged circuits, the electrical currents may become unstable which result in electrical shocks.


As you can see, there are many causes of electrical shocks but the two mentioned above are the common ones that you should be aware of. Thus, when you experience any of these causes, be sure to call a professional who can help you fix the problem and prevent any electrocution or fire.


  1. Isolated Power Outage

Another electrical emergency that may require the repair services of a professional is when you experience an isolated power outage. This usually occurs due to the following:

  • Electrical Overload – When it comes to the causes of an isolated power outage, overload is very common. For example, when there are many air conditioning systems and other appliances running and loading down the lines, it may lead to an electrical short circuit, thereby causing an outage.
  • Animals – Small animals like squirrels and mouses have been known to chew power lines. Unfortunately, when this happens, it may damage power lines and cause a short circuit, leading to a sudden and unexpected power outage. In most cases, one of the reasons for animal-related electrical failure is that during winter, electrical devices and enclosures which are warm make an inviting nesting spot for several small animals.


  1. Electrical Fire

When a malfunction or failure takes place in any of the electrical components of machinery equipment, an electrical fire is likely to happen. Typically, most electrical fires begin in electrical cables, wires, circuit breakers, and other components. For example, when the electrical load is too much for what the wires can only handle, the circuits and panels become overloaded, thereby resulting in fires.

Hence, when this occurs in your home, be sure to call an emergency electrician to fix the problem and prevent further danger.


Keep Yourself Grounded

Electrical safety is among the many ways you should be wary of to keep your home and family safe and thus, hiring a professional electrician must be a priority should the electrical emergencies mentioned above occur. This should especially be done if your house is aged, as the wiring might be deteriorating or becoming obsolete. If these symptoms sound all too familiar, call a professional today to prevent your property from going up in flames.