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Unless you work from home and you’re limited in space, it’s best to avoid making your bedroom a place where you do anything but sleep. It should be a sanctuary setup to help you get restored overnight, not a hubbub of activity throughout the day.

Accordingly, here are 5 bedroom design ideas that work towards sleeping well at night.

Sleeping Well Requires a Quality Bed

If you’re thinking of a bedroom makeover, and you are presently having problems getting to sleep and only waking up in the morning because your bed is a nightmare, then that’s a major problem. It’s either gotten too old and fails to support you properly, or it’s the wrong type for you.

Choosing a new mattress suitable for you as a front, back or side sleeper will be a significant improvement. There are many options on today’s market.  When you’re looking for both comfort and value, then look for a mattress that’s the best one for the money. That will strike a reasonable balance and provide a supportive mattress you can rely on.

Get the Ambient Temperature Just Right

When the ambient temperature isn’t at the right level, it’s difficult to sleep. However, it’s possible to adjust the temperature through design choices. For instance, heavy curtains on the window with an inner lining keep warmth in and cold winter nights out. On the slip side, a set of blinds over the windows allows you to control the amount of daytime sunlight reaching the bedroom in the summer months. Both options reduce unnecessary energy usage too.

Being either too hot or too cold isn’t conducive to a good night’s sleep. Indeed, research has shown that excess heat affects sleep patterns like REM sleep and boosts the heat load by changing the body’s thermo-regulation. However, cold weather interferes with sleep too. So, ensure you have a comforter and sheets that are suitable for the different seasons.

Add Some Tranquility to the Room

What would feel peaceful to you? For most people who don’t suffer from allergies, adding a plant or two elevates that peaceful feeling in a room and can add a pleasant natural fragrance too. Adding some personal photos or mementos on the nightstand also creates an emotional connection to happy moments. Try putting a favorite photo in a special frame next to your bed.

Also, if you are fond of feeling something soft when you wake up in the morning, try adding a faux sheepskin rug to the floor next to the bed. It’ll be heaven for your toes. What a great way to start the day!

Less is More

Avoid cluttering up the bedroom by trying to fit too much furniture and other items into the room. Clutter defeats the object when you want to create a new environment that’s conducive to getting enough sleep at night.

Look at what you need in the bedroom. Remove anything you don’t require any longer or that may be bettr utilized in another area of your home. If you were planning to replace items to create a new design, limiting the number of pieces in your room can then be cost effective too. Spend more on a few better quality items when you have fewer items to purchase.

Aim for Darker Evenings & Night-times

When there is a light source that you haven’t tended to, it can keep you awake. Even if you do manage to sleep but awaken in the morning still feeling tired, this light source could be causing you to sleep lightly and fail to be well-rested.

As mentioned above, be sure window treatments are blocking the outside light sufficiently.  Also look at lights from charger, clocks or phones.  Aim to reach a pitch-black darkness level because it will permit deeper sleep. Be sure to clear a path to the bathroom to avoid tripping on anything in the dark!

Designing your bedroom to encourage better sleep patterns is the gift that keeps on giving. Once you’ve done it, you’ll be so glad that you did. In the end, you won’t know how you ever managed before.