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Productivity starts with your location! How you set up and organize your space determines how your day will go. This is especially true for offices and work areas.

If you want your team to get more done, take some extra time to optimize your office. Not sure where to start? We have you covered.

We’ve put together a few ways that you can set up an office space to make you and your team more comfortable and productive.


1. The Size of the Space Matters

It’s easy to overlook the effect that the flooring and ceiling have on overall comfort levels. Low ceilings can often lead to a small and tight-feeling space. Even those who don’t struggle with claustrophobia may still be uncomfortable when the ceiling is just too low.

A good way to work around this tricky detail is to consider ceiling construction. Most offices have false ceilings installed to hide wires and pipes. But if you rely on a trusted false ceiling contractor, it’s easy to adjust the height of your ceiling to be higher and make the area more comfortable.


2. Keep The Space Organized

Encouraging your team to keep the office space organized will encourage more productivity! Messy spaces make it difficult to find items and keep track of important documents.

Plus, messy and disorganized settings can cause anxiety and make it more difficult for teams to work and be productive. It doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. But with some organizational techniques, your team will be off to a better start.

Some helpful organizational tools include:

  • Labeled baskets
  • Pen/pencil jar
  • Drawers
  • Label maker
  • Team planners

3. Invest In A Quality Office Chair

Office chairs make a huge difference to your performance and your health. If you’re sitting in an uncomfortable position all day, it can lead to serious back pain and discomfort. But if your chair offers the right support, then you will be ready for anything.

Some things to look for in your chairs are lower back support, adjustable armrests, and adjustable recline. Finding chairs with quality lower back support is the most difficult part of finding the right chair, so we recommend testing out the chair before purchasing.

If you sit and feel your shoulders and comfortably lean back, then there is enough support at the lower part of the chair. However, if your shoulders naturally feel rounded forward when you sit, then there isn’t enough support at the base to hold your spine correctly.


4. Ensure The Air Conditioning is Right

AC is another big factor in workspace optimization. If you and your team are too warm all day, it’s hard to focus on what your job is! Keeping the air conditioning running throughout the day will help prevent discomfort and distraction too.

Remember though, you don’t want the AC to work too well. If it stays too cold in your office, you can run the risk of some people becoming sick or feeling ill.

Over time, spending all day in a too-cold office would make any person uncomfortable and even need to call off for sick time. The best temperature range for an office is between 69 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit.


Final Thoughts

Making the most of your office space means making everyone as comfortable as possible.

With care taken to make the space feel comfortable both in size, setup, and organization, you and your team will be able to focus on what is really important!

Make sure to follow the rest of the tips above, and you’ll have an optimized and ready-to-go office space.