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Now that we’re in 2023, there are numerous inventions and designs that homeowners can have in their homes, offering convenience, comfort, and safety. Not only are these innovations one of a kind, but they also make our day-to-day easier and much more efficient.

The following items can add unique features to your home that can save time, energy, and money in the future. It adds a certain sense of comfort to your home and may even help add value to your home if you plan on selling it. Continue reading to learn more about these four items!


Tissue Dispenser

You may wonder why a paper towel dispenser is first on this list. You would commonly see this item in malls, airport washrooms, or public bathrooms, but having a tissue dispenser in your home is extremely handy, especially in the kitchen, guest bathrooms, and even the master bathrooms.

Whenever you have to cook and clean, you would typically use paper towels to dry your hands, clean the countertop if you don’t have a rag, or dab the oil from a freshly fried meal. Having a dispenser at your home can lessen unnecessary movements, like finding where the tissue is located.

It may already be apparent, but paper towels are essential in a bathroom. It might seem unconventional, but a paper towel dispenser is great because you won’t have to worry about dust and droplets accumulating in the tissue.


Heat Rejecting Windows

Do you live in a place that’s extremely hot during summertime? Instead of opening your air conditioner system throughout the day, why not install heat-rejecting windows in your home? You can utilize low-E films or low-emissivity windows. These are glass panes coated in a special film that’s good at rejecting radiant heat, which is better than standard glazing.

These films are used for exterior windows, and they can reflect the sun’s lights and help reduce the risk of your home overheating during the day. The solar rejection properties of these films can also block ultraviolet (UV) light, so you can rest assured that your pieces of furniture will fade less rapidly. However, you must ensure that these films are appropriate for your home.

You can do this by consulting a window specialist and your contractor to determine if it’s the right move for your home. It’s because these films, albeit an excellent sustainable and innovative item for your home, some houses aren’t compatible with the film.


Threat Detectors

Over the past decade, the number of burglars is just increasing. In fact, according to the United States Department of Justice, there are about 2.5 million burglaries in the United States each year, half of which are home invasions. With such high statistics, monitoring threats, e.g., burglars, fire, CO, etc., has gotten much more valuable and, thankfully, easier.

Nowadays, cloud-integrated sensors and security are easy to install and use, making it possible for homeowners to keep a virtual eye on their homes and send the recorded footage to the authorities to deal with the problem.

Simple changes to your home, like smoke detectors, are now easy to find on the market, and some batteries can even last you for ten years. You won’t have to hear the annoying beeps in your home’s smoke detector for another decade.

Threat detection gadgets have become more readily available for homeowners, and there are different options you can choose from. It’s an innovative invention, and it’s also a must for your safety.


Efficient Water Fittings

Getting efficient water fittings for your new home is a great way to start designing your innovative house. You can save water with an intelligent tap and a shower fitting. Usually, people would use a tap without a fitted aerator. If you don’t know what this is, its purpose is to mix water with air as it comes out. That means that a tap without a fitted aerator typically uses less water but would have high pressure.

When utilizing shower heads and switching from a flow rate of 9 liters to 7.5 liters, for example, you can save up to 5,000 liters a year and eventually save money on bills and have a reduced carbon footprint. A wider shower can give you a comfortable showering experience, even if you have weakened water pressure. Save the environment and have an innovative home design by thinking deeply about what water fittings to use for your home.


Final Thoughts

Make your home inviting and advanced while saving up on future costs, energy, and time with the abovementioned household items. You don’t have to spend a considerable amount to ensure that you’re living in a home built in 2023; simple items like picking the right eco-paint shade, water fittings, etc., can help you build a safe and comfortable home.