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We all take the simple act of turning on the lights for granted. We flick the switch and expect the electricity to work. This convenience is possible, thanks to talented and dedicated electricians. Electricians are specialists who focus on electrical wiring. This wiring can be in our homes, businesses, appliances, devices, automobiles and more. Because of the range of electrical applications, it should be no surprise that there are various specializations for electricians. Here are four distinct electrician specializations. Learn about each one, so you know who to call for your next electrical problem.


Residential Electricians Handle House Calls

If you are a homeowner, then you have probably worked with residential electricians before. In general, this is the most common type of electrician. As the name suggests, these electricians work on various projects throughout your home. You would call them to install new electrical work, and also whenever your wiring goes awry. In this manner, they have extensive knowledge of electrical systems since they can install and maintain the entire range of wiring in your home. While many of their jobs are simple fixes, these electricians may also have to plan a whole wiring system. Therefore, these specialists will know how to read technical blueprints while also being fully abreast of the electrical regulations in the area.

Commercial Electricians Provide Business Support

Commercial electricians work with commercial properties. Therefore, they provide support to businesses. Given the range of companies in the world, commercial electricians must also have a good range of skills and abilities. They may work on the wiring in a small office building. These electricians are also responsible for sprawling shopping malls or office parks. Obviously, this scale of work is quite different, and it requires different training and specialization. Commercial properties consume a lot more energy than your average home, which means that commercial electricians must have even more skill and acumen. A commercial electrician will handle all aspects of commercial work, including planning, installation and maintenance. Maintenance work requires complex diagnoses of various electrical problems. Commercial electricians undergo more training, and they often work on teams with a mentoring program in place.


Industrial Electricians Work in Factory Settings

For industrial settings, there is a need for special electrical knowledge. These settings are even more complicated than the standard commercial building. Just think about the power consumption required in most industrial buildings. These buildings may need extra venting, and they may have manufacturing components that require a great deal of wiring and customization. Fantastic training is necessary for industrial electricians, given the scale of this work. In addition to handling the installation for the building, industrial electricians will also be adept at dealing with the heavy equipment at such facilities. In many cases, electricians who specialize in industrial settings have achieved journeyman status. This status means that they are fully licensed by the government to work in these settings.


Other Specialties for Every Setting

While the previous three specializations broadly define most electricians, there are plenty of different electrical applications. An electrical instrumentation technician, for example, will specialize in building the wiring for appliances. Automotive electricians handle car electrical systems, and they often work in repair shops. There are also aviation electricians. As you might have guessed, these electricians focus on the electrical systems in airplanes. Electricians also need special training to be a lineman. Linemen work on powerlines that run across the country and supply power throughout the power grid. Other electricians may work in powerhouses or substations. This job requires a unique understanding of the broad scale of such systems.


Hiring the Best Electricians for the Job

Understanding each specialization will help you the next time you need support for the electrical system in your home or business. It may all seem as simple as flicking a switch to you, but the electricians must have the skills needed for the job at hand. In many cases, electricians have training in specific contexts, and they may even hold certification in their area of expertise. By working with the right electricians for any given job, you can ensure that you get the best results for every call.