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We’re only human, and that means making mistakes is an inevitable part of life. Even the everyday things, which we’re convinced we should have mastered by now, can trip us up from time to time.


Some of the most common mistakes that we make in life are also some of the most stressful – but they don’t have to be. Here’s how to handle 4 common home-related human errors if you find yourself making them.

Locking yourself out with no key

If you lock yourself out of home, only to discover that your only key is within the four walls of the very building you can’t get into, don’t panic. Accept that the situation has happened, and call on a close friend or neighbor to ask if they’ll take you in for a couple of hours while you resolve the problem.


Contact a trusted local locksmith and arrange for them to visit your home ASAP. They will then use their locksmith equipment to fashion a new key for your home – and you’ll obsessively check for your keys when you leave home from then on!


Burning food

The majority of us would hardly consider ourselves top chefs, which means that accidents in the kitchen can happen. You only have to turn your back for one second, or become distracted dealing with another situation in the home, for your frying or toasting foods to burn to a crisp.


If your food is just producing a lot of smoke, get it outside as soon as you can. If the food is on fire, do the same if it’s safe to do so, and douse it with a bucket of cold water. Note that certain foods cannot safely be doused with water if there is a fire. Know which ones require a different technique, and think about keeping a small fire extinguisher handy in your kitchen. Open all of your windows to air out your property, and leave a bowl of baking soda in your kitchen to absorb the odor.


Cutting or burning yourself

Staying in the kitchen, another very common human slip-up at home involves the food preparation process itself. Whether you’re chopping food, using hot equipment, or boiling water, there is always potential for a mistake to be made.


If you burn your hand, arm or finger, head straight over to your kitchen sink and hold it under the running cold faucet for 10 minutes. Assess the severity of the burn and determine whether you need to make a trip to the ER. If you cut yourself with a knife or another sharp tool, clean the area with warm (not hot) water, and apply pressure with a clean cloth or a bandage, and agin assess the severity.  If the wound is deep or there is heavy bleeding, professional help may be needed.


Leaving home without locking up

On the opposite end of locking yourself out of your home, another major mistake that many of us make from time to time is leaving home without locking up. This poses a significant danger to your home’s possessions, and even if you consider your neighborhood to be safe, you simply never know when you may become the next target of a burglary.


It’s important not to make breaking and entering easy for a criminal. If you have trouble remembering to lock up, set a timer on your phone for the time you’ll be leaving to remind you. It might also help to have your keys close to hand, such as attached to your belt loop or in your wallet. Or, if your budget allows, consider one of the available locks that can wirelessly connect to your phone through an app. Then you can remotely lock your home no matter where you are!