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DIY (do it yourself) techniques have become the way to go in many of our home aspects. Want new shelves? – Install them yourself? Need a cake by morning? – Bake it yourself! Cannot get hold of the rug cleaning company? – Clean it yourself! If we are honest, this trend has had its benefits. We have learned how to do most things on our own and saved a lot of money. However, sometimes, you need a professional to handle the task at hand. Why?

Benefits of hiring a temporary wallpaper installer

One of the main selling points with temporary wallpaper is the ease of installation. People are tired of fussing over traditional wallpaper, which is cumbersome to handle and requires a lot of work to remove. So, the prospect of peeling and sticking wallpaper makes a lot of sense. It saves them time and money. Who would not want that?

However, here is one thing you may not know about installing geometric peel and stick wallpaper– you need to get it right. If you install the wallpaper wrong, it will not look right. Thus, instead of imparting warmth and style in your home, it will look like an oddity and can ruin your entire concept. Here are some reasons why hiring a professional installer might be the best choice for you:




Time Savings

Sure, temporary wallpaper is not hard to maneuver. Many people who do not have experience have talked about achieving success with their installation. But here is the thing they may not have focused on- the time taken to install one paper. You see, installing wallpaper requires precision. You start by measuring the walls and ensuring you have the dimensions right to the last millimeter. You then cut the wallpaper, allow some room for error, and be as close to the wall measurements as possible. Following this, you measure the paper against the wall once again to ensure the measurements are correct.

Next comes the sticking of the wallpaper where you need to move per section; else, the wallpaper sticks to itself, and then you have a mess to handle. As you move down, ever so carefully, you must squeegee the paper to ensure it lays flat on the surface. All this time, you must make sure that you are moving close to the wall to avoid creating any bubbles inside the paper that can damage the aesthetic. Finally, you trim the ends and allow the paper to sit.

Did we mention that you also must prep the wall by sanding the bumps and filling the holes? Peel and stick wallpaper is not as simple to install as it looks. Yes, you can do it without external help. However, the chances of messing up the job are high, and having outside help can save you a lot of time. When you bring in a professional, you benefit from their experience. A professional installer has handled tons of wallpaper installations. They know what can go wrong and when. Additionally, they have mastered the art of laying wallpaper in record time without erring. That is what you pay for – the professionalism.

Plus, a good installer will also guide you on what wallpaper you should get. Unfortunately, not all removable wallpapers pass the test!


Cost Savings

On this point, you may wonder how you can save money, and yet you are spending it on labor. But here is one factor you may not have considered- equipment. As you have seen, you will spend time prepping and installing the wallpaper. But how can you do this without tools? You may have a few in the house, but it is quite unlikely that you have all the tools.

Moreover, you do not have the skills to use the tools. Instead of going to the hardware store and trying to tell one part from the other, how about working with a professional who has it all? You will not have to buy tools you will hardly ever use.


Professional Finishing

Unless you have worked in home improvement before, you likely do not know what to do when installing wallpapers. Professional installers, on the other hand, know quite a lot. These individuals understand all the prep work that ensures that the installation goes on without a hitch. For example, they can fill holes in the walls, remove existing wallpaper, fix cracks, clean the walls, and even get rid of any texturing. Learning how to prep a wall takes time, and even then, you may still not get it right. For example, how can you prep your sockets for wallpaper installation? Do you know how to navigate this and ensure that the socket does not become an eyesore?

Also, following guides online can be tricky because wall coverings are different. Therefore, what works for one person may not work for you. For example, you may follow a guide, and yet the person used embossed wallpaper while you have vinyl-coated paper. As a result, the installation processes will not be the same. A professional installer, however, has seen just about everything under the sun. Therefore, a wallpaper change will not be a deterrent to a successful installation.

Ultimately, you want the job done right, which is one reason people hire professionals. After all, you do not want bubbles or overlaps adorning your walls for months or years. A professional knows how to maneuver every angle in your home and finish the installation to the best possible quality. As a result, you will not have gaping holes or weird installation angles glaring at you each time you enter the room. If not for anything else, you can hire a pro to avoid costly and unsightly mistakes.


Less Fuss

As much as you might be a DIY enthusiast, hanging wallpaper might not be as enjoyable as you think. Plus, if you are covering a large room or whole house, doing it yourself can be frustrating. It requires a lot of precise timing, and one wrong move can take you back to the starting point. But what if you want to have the work over and done without all the fuss? A professional installer can take over the job. They have dealt with tons of installations like yours and will be happy to take over the work.


Wallpapers make statements. But whether they make positive or negative statements comes down to the installation. Consider hiring a professional installer to handle the job, and you will be more than happy with the outcome.