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Looking for an apartment to rent in Paris? As with any top city, finding the perfect place to live here can be an uphill task, especially if you’re not well acquainted with the city. But it doesn’t always have to be this way if you know a few tricks.

In this detailed guide, we share ten quick tips from local Parisians to help you find the perfect home in the City of Love.


Know all the arrondissements of Paris

Paris has 20 arrondissements, a fancy name for neighborhoods. Each of them has its own unique characteristics and will only be suitable if it fits your needs.

For instance, a family with children may find the 15th and 16th arrondissements ideal because they have larger apartments, while someone looking for more affordable apartments may choose the 10th or 11th.


Understand the market prices

Knowing how much you should pay for an apartment in each arrondissement can help you avoid many problems. For example, the prices in Saint Germain and the Latin Quarter can be up to 30% higher than in other neighborhoods. As a result, you need to consult widely with your agent about how much these houses cost in every neighborhood to help with planning.


Start searching early

The demand for furnished apartments in Paris, in particular, is high, and you may need ample time to find the right one for you. To avoid settling for a house that does not meet your needs, we recommend that you start the search early. You may want to contact a property agent to do it if you do not have enough time.


Be specific with features

The more specific you are with the features you cannot live without, the likelier it is that you will find a house that pleases you. For example, try to be clear about the number of rooms, lighting, air conditioning, parking, and any other important feature. This is the surest way to get an apartment you will be comfortable living in.


Know the difference between floors

If you are from North America, you may find it challenging to define apartment floors in Paris. In France, the first floor is one foot above the ground floor. Usually, apartments on the ground and first floors are cheaper than the rest of the building in Paris.


There’s a catch with top floor apartments

Like most people, you probably enjoy living in apartments on the top floor because they give you a nice view of the city, but there is a catch. The majority of apartments in Paris are roofed with zinc, which makes those on the top floor hotter than the rest. As such, be sure you can live in such conditions if you choose these floors.


Transport, neighborhoods, and the rest

If you are relocating to Paris for work or college, you need to pay close attention to the transport system in your preferred arrondissement. For example, living in a large neighborhood like the 17th means that you have to make do with the line 13 Metro line, which covers a good portion of it. The same applies to school-going children because you want to ensure that they attend the best possible schools.


Set your budget

Having a ballpark figure of how much budget is available for housing is key before you can start looking for an apartment to live in. The cost of renting Parisian houses averages €35 per square meter, although 1-bedrooms and smaller studios go for a higher premium. With this in mind, you can visualize the kind of house that suits your budget if you know the size.


Documents and paperwork

Most landlords in France determine the ability of a client to pay for an apartment based on their income. This is because a lot of renters do not like using credit systems, and even when they do, there are many questions to answer.

As such, be prepared to submit your payslips for the past three months, a letter that specifies the terms of employment in France, your previous rent information, passport, and many other requirements in your dossier before you are allowed into your new house.


Get a guarantor

Landlords in Paris will ask you to get a guarantor if you’re a foreigner, regardless of your income level. The guarantor will be required to pay for your rent should you run into difficulty meeting your obligations. Luckily, you can use your bank or hire agencies that specialize in offering guarantor services if you don’t have someone in mind.



We won’t lie; getting the right apartment to rent in Paris is not particularly easy for foreigners. But if you know what to do, you shouldn’t have any big problems. The tips we just shared in this post are a good place to start if you’re looking to make the process as stress-free as you can.

Good luck!