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Your small kitchen can quickly become cramped if you do not use smart storage ideas. To combat these cramped quarters, you will need to implement creative kitchen storage ideas that will force you to reconsider your perspective on the space. The concepts presented below make use of common kitchen features to create one-of-a-kind solutions, such as pantry doors, cabinets, shelving, utility closets, wall space, and a recycling station or a sink skirt.


Just a few key investments can also help to make more space. You might want to reconsider your small kitchen storage setup entirely and install custom cabinetry with pull-out drawers and additional shelving. We will walk you through the best uses for customized modifications and how to enhance existing space with the least amount of effort.


We are sharing some small kitchen storage ideas to help you make the most out of this widely used area of your home.

1.                Make the Most of Your Cabinets and Shelves

If money is an issue, consider improving your current space with low-cost design elements. You could, for example, add dowel rods to your cabinets and shelves to make plate holders and increase the space from your kitchen storage ideas. A convenient all-in-one solution is to modify your cabinet to serve as a customizable pantry space. Pull-out drawers and racks allow you to consolidate all of your pantry items into a single, convenient location that is a fraction of the size of a typical pantry.

2.                Make the Pantry with Separate Storage

Organize your pantry staples to make the most of your space. Check the expiration dates on your cereals and dry goods to ensure that no unnecessary items are taking up valuable shelf space. Your spices may take up more room than you think. Consider installing a cube spice rack for ease and organization to help these kitchen essentials blend in with the rest of your space.

3.                Think About Open Shelves

You can try to incorporate open shelving, which can help to alleviate a crowded space while also allowing you to display your kitchenware essentials. Add shelves that accent your entire kitchen wall to streamline additional counter space. This will provide you with the necessary space as well as a place to showcase your most prized possessions.

4.                Sort Through Your Drawers and Kitchen Tools

Segregate your items in your display cases, such as storage containers, water bottles, and other items, for ultimate organization. When it comes to utensils, trying to keep them in a central location can help your kitchen appear more organized. With the right design, this small kitchen storage idea will help your area look sophisticated. Such an angled utensil tray fits neatly in a drawer. A simple showcase of knives may also seem like a design element, but in reality, it allows you to use some of your most frequently used kitchen utensils without cluttering your kitchen cabinets.


5.                Create Your Pegboard and Sink Skirt

With a specially made pegboard installed on your wall, you will have no trouble saving space. Simply place the pegs in the desired location to support shelves and place everything from seasonings to silverware. If you have storage that you would like to conceal, a sink skirt can help you do so without having to sacrifice space.

6.                Clear Your Food Storage

Using engraving cream, you can get creative with your food storage. Clear food containers are ideal for small spaces because they allow you to quickly and easily identify your dry goods without having to scavenge through small cabinets. To get the most out of your small kitchen, make use of every nook and cranny. A tilt-down drawer at your sink, for example, is a convenient place to keep sponges and trinkets that would otherwise take up valuable counter space. Allowing recycling to take over your kitchen is not a good idea. With just a few items from your local craft or hardware store, you can make a small and efficient recycling storage station. Furthermore, it occupies wall space rather than valuable ground space.

7.                Take on Your Closet and Vertical Spaces

Keep your utility closets neat to prevent brooms, mops, and dustpans from taking over. These items can be kept in place with the help of wall hangers. Cabinet and drawer space in smaller kitchens can be limited, so get creative and go vertical. Pierced corbels are ideal for displaying larger kitchen utensils that would otherwise crowd your drawer. Additionally, glass-fronted cabinet doors are a lovely way to showcase your serving ware.

8.                Consider Thinking Outside the Kitchen

If you have limited kitchen storage, make use of other rooms to help with the mess. Using custom cabinetry, relocate barware and entertaining pieces to the living room. Use baskets to line the bottom of your kitchen island, bar cart, or other kitchen space for storage purposes and style.

9.                Organize the Clutter With Baskets

With a single serving tray or basket, you can maximize counter space in your small kitchen while also eliminating clutter. Use the tray or basket to store bulky kitchen items such as cookbooks and cutting boards. When working in the kitchen, this method ensures that nothing is in the way or out of reach. Serving trays are available in a variety of styles and are an easy way to add personality to your space.

10.          Easy Baking and Shelving for Above-the-Fridge

Streamlined cookie sheet storage makes baking a breeze. Rather than stacking baking sheets and cupcake pans horizontally, set up a pull-out drawer in a lower cabinet and use a metal rack organizer to separate and store the pans vertically. With chic and functional open shelving, you can fill the awkward space between your fridge and the ceiling. Use the space to store kitchen gadgets like your prized cake mixer or display your colorful cookbook collection and flourishing houseplant overhead.

In A Nutshell

You won’t feel like your kitchen is truly functional until you assess how you store everything, from appliances and cookware to delicate glassware and dinnerware. This allows you to make the most of every square inch of space and avoid wasting valuable space by storing everyday items incorrectly. Consider implementing the smart ideas listed above to improve your kitchen. For more ideas, you may also check out Storables!