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It is always a challenge to purchase your own home. Spending most of your savings on the down payment and moving expenses. You may now be apprehensive to spend more, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer. This could make you wonder if you can just buy a home warranty policy after you close on your home.


Too Late to Buy a Home Warranty Plan

Delaying your purchase of a warranty plan until you close on your home is common. But purchasing a home warranty plan should be on top of your list of things to do. It is as important as changing all your locks.

You should have this home protection plan right away after closing. When you do, you should go through a 30-day waiting period before calling your provider for service requests. Home inspections have their limitations. You do not know what is happening inside your new home’s systems and appliances. A home inspector could only make mechanical and visual checks. Having a home warranty plan right after you close will help you protect your new investment.

It will be too late to get a home warranty plan if you wait for any of the home components to break down past the expiration of their manufacturer’s warranties. By this time, you would have to pay out-of-pocket on repairs and replacements. This would take away the savings you thought you had when you decided not to get this home protection policy before or right after closing on your home.


Options for Getting a Home Warranty After Closing

You do not need to get a home warranty plan that includes all the components of your new home. There are home warranty plants for systems, for appliances, and both. You can have a tailor-fit home warranty according to your needs. Getting either a systems plan or an appliance plan is proof of how confident you are in the performance of either your home systems or appliances.

Choosing which of your home systems and appliances should have home warranty coverage is also possible. This is a combo plan that can fit your expectations. Finding a company capable of helping you specify your coverage will be an advantage to your wallet. You can add coverage for your spa, pool, well pump, and septic system as well.


The Disadvantages of Getting a Home Warranty After Closing

Getting a home service plan before closing on your house will get you a lower rate. Buying it after closing will mean a higher premium payment. Also, there is no assurance that you can use it right away. A new home with new appliances and systems will still have a manufacturer’s warranty. This type of warranty will be valid a year after installation.


Advantages of Buying a Home Warranty After Closing

The age of your home and the inspection report are two important considerations. An older home with older systems and appliances will need home protection coverage. Spending for a 12-month home warranty coverage is much better than replacing a major system or appliance. It will be a good thing to have peace of mind in your new home.

Moving into a new area will leave you unfamiliar with the repair technicians in the area. You may have a difficult time finding the right contractors who charge the right price. You may need to pay additional fees. A home service plan will relieve you of this worry and heavy expenses. You will only pay a fixed service fee after the covered repair or replacement.


Being Prudent Is a Plus as a Homeowner

You can purchase a home warranty plan after closing your home. Purchasing it at any time, even years after your home purchase, is possible as well. Even so, thinking about protecting your investment sooner than later will help you save money on unexpected repairs. Practicing foresight will be advantageous for you as a homeowner. Read a Select Home Warranty review to make sure it’s the one for you.


Buying a Home Warranty After Closing Is All Right but Do Not Wait Too Long

Protecting your new home is a priority. It is a big purchase you need to shield against a serious appliance or home system breakdown. Getting a home warranty years after the manufacturer’s warranty expires will be too late. The sooner you get this type of protection, the more money you save. Who says peace of mind does not have a price?