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Do you have idle land in Florida? Do you have a use for it? If you do not have any use for your land in Florida, you might consider selling it. Just a heads up though: selling a property is never an easy thing, and you might have heard that it is something difficult to do. It involves putting in a lot of time, effort, and money. But if you know what you are doing, you will be selling land in Florida with relative ease. There are a number of things you need to know to be able to sell land in Florida with ease, and we will dissect it one by one so you will be able to follow quickly:

Check Parcel Number

The parcel number is one thing all property in Florida has. A parcel number, also called parcel ID, contains all the details that would come in handy in your selling process. A parcel number can reveal to you a map showing its boundaries, the dimension of your land, the estimated value of your property, and even the exact name of the owner. A parcel number can also be used for searching up a specific property. Checking the parcel number of the land you’re trying to sell will give you the very first information you would want to have if you plan to sell your land in Florida.

Official Legal Documents (Deeds)

Every real estate transaction is a big deal, after all, you’re trying to buy or sell properties. In real estate, you need to secure official legal documents such as the deed. This legal document contains important details about the property and includes the name of the listed owner. One way to find and secure the deed for the property is by searching the website of your county’s clerk of court, as they are the ones responsible for organizing and safekeeping deeds for properties. Securing this important legal document will get you ahead and it might actually ease everything you need to do in your selling process.

Purchase and Sale Agreement

After you have secured the deed, you will need to have a purchase and sale agreement between you and the seller who wants to buy your Florida land. This contract does not need extravagant or fancy words. It doesn’t need to be 5 pages long. It just needs to contain the following information: the parcel number, name of the owner which is written on the deed and the name of the buyers, closing date on which the transaction must be done, purchase price or the amount of the property, closing costs, and the property taxes.

This purchase and sale agreement is extremely important as this is one of the concrete pieces of evidence for your selling transaction. If things ever go wrong, you can rest assured that you have a secured copy of the agreement by which you can use if there are conflicts in the future.


Selling land is pretty complex, but with the right tools and knowledge, you might be able to pull it off without even a realtor. You see, selling land is a great way to earn money especially if you have an idle property with minimal to no use. Keeping a property you do not use anymore might even cost you more money since annual taxes are here to ruin your day.

The best thing to do? Sell your land. After reading this, we hope you already have an idea of how to effectively sell your land in Florida. Good luck on your selling journey!