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Getting ready to move out is exciting, but essential tasks must be done before you leave. Taking care of these things before moving can ensure the process is smoother and less stressful.  

Moving out is exciting, signaling the start of another chapter in your life. Taking care of tasks will make the whole process easy. They will help you feel more confident and prepared for this new chapter in your life. 

Here is what to do before moving out.


Notify Landlord 


If you’re renting, inform your landlord before your move-out date. It’s courteous and responsible to give them notice well in advance, per your lease agreement.  

This notification allows the landlord to make necessary arrangements, such as finding new tenants and preparing for the end of your tenancy. It will also help you maintain a good relationship with your landlord, which is important for future reference. 


Create a Budget 


Plan your moving budget, including packing materials, transportation, and any additional expenses related to the move. A budget helps you understand and organize your finances, allowing you to allocate funds for rent, utilities, groceries, and other essential expenses in your new home. It provides a clear picture of your income and expenditures, helping you avoid financial stress and cover your monthly costs. 




Sort through your belongings and declutter. You can donate, sell, or dispose of items you no longer want or need. This reduces the overall volume of items you need to pack, making the moving process more efficient and less time-consuming. Decluttering also allows you to assess each item’s true value and necessity, ensuring you only bring belongings that still fit into your life. 


Rent a Portable Storage Container 


Rent a portable storage container as part of your move-out preparations. You’ll be glad you did! A storage container can offer several advantages for your preparations. Firstly, it provides a convenient and secure solution for storing belongings during home transition.  

Renting a storage container allows you to declutter your living space while keeping your possessions easily accessible. These containers are weather-resistant, protecting your items from the elements. Renting a storage container also offers flexibility, allowing you to access your belongings whenever needed and pack and unpack at your own pace. 


Pack Strategically


It’s smart to start packing before your moving date to avoid last-minute stress. Pack room by room, label boxes, and create an inventory list to stay organized. Wrap breakables in bubble wrap and place them in boxes with plenty of cushioning. Mark these boxes as fragile.  

Keep all essential documents, such as IDs, passports, and cherished records, in a secure and easily accessible place during the move. Pack a box with necessary items for the first night at your new place, including toiletries, a change of clothes, and essential documents.


Change of Address


Set up mail forwarding at the post office to ensure you receive mail at your new address. Inform financial institutions, including banks and credit card companies, about your updated details so you won’t miss bill payments. Remember to update your address with all necessary government agencies, like the DMV and the CRA.  

Notify utility companies, internet providers, and subscription services to avoid interruptions to essential services. Inform healthcare providers, your employer, and schools if applicable. Finally, share the news with friends and family!


Transfer Utilities 


Contact your utility providers. You need to schedule the disconnection of services at your old address on the day of your move. Then, if they are different, contact the utility companies serving your new location to set up your accounts. Arrange for services connection before your move-in date.  

This typically involves electricity, water, gas, internet, and cable services. Provide your old and new addresses and the desired start and end dates to prevent interruptions. 




Before you move out, clean your current home thoroughly. Dust, wipe surfaces, clean windows, and vacuum to leave the place spotless. Don’t forget overlooked areas like baseboards and light fixtures. This shows respect for the property and helps smooth the transition for the next occupants. It will also leave a positive impression on your landlord. 


Final Walkthrough


Conduct a final walkthrough of your current residence to ensure everything is in order. Walk through each room in your home, checking for forgotten items, ensuring all cabinets and closets are empty, and verifying that you’re not leaving any personal belongings behind. Confirm that all utilities are disconnected, appliances are turned off, and windows and doors are secured. 



Photo by Andrea Piacquadio