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There are many insulation contractors available, and they are not all created equal. Some of them focus on a particular material or market for their work, while others are more general with their work. Understanding what questions to ask these professionals can help save you money, time and the headaches that come with home improvements. As a result, when it comes to asking insulation contractors questions, consider these ones first:

What is the Cost of Insulation?

It is something that everyone has to consider, unfortunately. The cost of insulation can make a substantial difference in the quality of the work and materials, but it is also a good indicator of the type of insulation contractor you are working with. For example, say you get quotes from three or four different companies, and one offers a significantly lower quote than the rest. This could indicate that the company is not licensed and operating without the significant overhead costs of running a legitimate business, meaning that it is worthwhile to investigate further before choosing the allegedly “great” deal.


When Can I Expect to Have My Insulation Applied?

Like many contract businesses, insulation contractors are not immune to scheduling woes and conflicts. Therefore, it helps to establish a timeline for your project as soon as possible. Although you may not have a stringent deadline, knowing a rough schedule of events can help you plan other service provider visits and consider your project as a whole.


How Much Experience Do You Have?

Experience and training are one of the best ways to separate the good from the great when it comes to insulation contractors. The more experience an individual or company has, the more likely they are to know how to deal with problems and the less likely they are to run into those problems on any given project. Plus, experience often helps with pricing and amiability concerns.


Where Should, or Shouldn’t, I Insulate?

If you are unfamiliar with project management or construction practices, insulation contractors can and should help you decide what is best for your project. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask your insulation contractor if the area you plan to insulate is the right way and if they have any suggestions or considerations to offer beforehand. One of the most helpful areas they can provide information on is where to avoid insulating for future upgrades, like a flume within an attic, for example.


Are You a Licensed Business?

Working with licensed insulation contractors is a must for a successful project. Not only does it significantly reduce your liability, but it also ensures that the person you hire to do the work has something to lose in the transaction. While it would be nice to assume that everyone works to the best of their abilities and with the interests of all parties involved at the forefront of their decisions, that is not always the case. When working with licensed contractors, at least you know that they must protect their company and perform their services adequately to continue offering them.


Does Your Company Have a Safety Program?

Insulation contractors work with potentially dangerous materials and in dangerous spaces. This means that they should understand and follow all the relevant safety requirements for your jurisdiction, including ventilation and personal protective equipment, among other things. Respiratory protection and air movers can help reduce the risk of asphyxiation, stale air and other hazards associated with the insulation process.