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If you are looking for a personal loan, you have numerous options available in the market. It can get confusing, trying to decide which one will suit your financial situation best. To find the best personal loan for your situation, you should shop around & compare all the terms offered by different lenders before deciding on one. Here’s a breakdown of what a personal loan is, how it works, and what factors to consider before choosing a personal loan lender.


What’s a personal loan?

A personal loan is a debt offered by banks, online lenders, & credit unions. Usually, a personal loan can be used for any kind of personal expense & bills. You will receive the entire loan money together once your loan request is accepted and you will be required to pay it back in instalments determined by the lender. Personal loans have a fixed repayment amount which means you know exactly how much you will be required to pay back per month.


Factors to consider while comparing personal loan lenders

There are many options to get easy loans online nowadays, but not every one of them would be reliable or suitable for your financial situation. Here are some important factors that you should take into consideration before deciding on a personal loan.

  • Interest rates

Interest rates usually depend on the borrower’s credit score. Some personal loan lenders advertise low-interest rates but these rates are usually reserved for people with a really good credit score. If you have a low credit score, make sure you properly check the interest rates of all lenders. Besides credit score, some lenders prioritize your background & credit history. Search some more to find a lender who offers more competitive rates & terms.

  • Fees

Some lenders charge a basic application fee while some lenders don’t charge anything for application. Similarly, if you decided to repay an instalment early, some lenders may charge you with a prepayment fee. Depending on what kind of charges they have, you could end up paying a lot more than you would have imagined. There are many lenders who won’t charge you with a penalty for paying off your loan early, have patience and thoroughly check all information provided by the lenders.

  • Customer ratings & reviews

The most basic but important factor to consider is the lender’s customer experience. Always check customer reviews and their experiences before trusting any lender. While you are at it, beware of fake reviews. If you think there’s something fishy about the reviews, chances are that they might be fake. Check different platforms to verify everything about the lenders to make sure they are reliable and actually provide what they claim to offer.

  • Add-on services

Sometimes lenders offer different add-on services as a bonus once your loan request has been approved. For example, some lenders offer free credit scores, online security tools, credit reports, etc. nowadays, some lenders even have an app or at the very least, an online portal to access every information regarding your personal loan. See what every lender is offering to make sure you get the best out of the loan.

  • Types of personal loan

Lenders don’t usually restrict people on how the loan amount can be spent but depending o the type of loan it is, there may be some limitations on how the money can be used. See if the lenders have any such limitations before making up your mind.


Choosing the best personal loan lender

Once you have evaluated all the lenders and narrowed down your list, rate your top choices in terms of overall loan costs and credibility. Make sure to take into consideration both the interest rate and any additional fees they charge. Ideally, the best personal loan lender will be both reliable and have fair terms & conditions.



There are so many new options cropping up in the market for personal loan lenders, so much so that it can get daunting to settle on one lender. But ultimately, the ideal personal loan lender will have a good reputation and offer competitive interest rates, & fair terms. It’s important to research thoroughly before making a big decision.