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A garage is usually one of the most desirable things a home should have. This is because it can allow you to keep your vehicle safe from the elements. A garage can also offer a storage space or even workshop for you. But it’s crucial to have a proper garage door maintenance schedule.

You need to spend at least twice a year a couple of hours on garage door inspection and care. It can be hard to figure out where to start considering that there are many hardware and moving parts on a garage door. This article provides the top garage door maintenance tips.


Watch during operation

Quite often, when you open and close your garage door, you may do it from your car where you cannot watch it closely. But this happens to be the simplest way you can determine whether or not your garage door is working properly.

Once you start the inspection process, you need to watch and listen carefully when you open or close your garage door. One of the signs that your garage door has problems includes inconsistent or shaky movement and strange noises.

Therefore, if you see that the garage door is scraping, grinding, or jerking, it’s a good sign that there is something wrong. Besides, you may see that the garage door fails to move down or up symmetrically, and one side can be higher than the other. When you see these signs, you need to visit https://www.sterlinggaragedoorrepairpa.com/lansdale-pa/ for help.

And, if you are worried about the performance of your garage, or you think that you don’t want to miss something, then it also makes sense to hire a professional. It can usually lead to costly repairs when you neglect caring for your garage door.


Check fasteners

When you calculate the number of times each year you open and close your garage door, it can add up to many repetitive motions. The garage door opens and closes, leading to the movement and vibration that can loosen or wear hardware in the long run.

Therefore, you need to look at the nuts and bolts of your garage door to ensure that they are well tightened. These can be on brackets designed to keep the tracks attached to the ceiling and wall, as well as the ones that keep the garage door assembled to the frame. And, if you find some loose bolts, you need to tighten them, but make sure that they are not over-tightened.


Clean and lubricate moving parts

Several components usually move on your garage door, and most of them can wear down when you fail to maintain them over time. The tracks usually utilize roller wheels, and many doors have a pulley system with a chain or spring.

You need to check the tracks for any obstruction or debris, like leaves and spider webs. You can clean the track by using a damp washcloth and scrub brush. When the rollers and tracks are clean, you should use garage door lubricants on the pulley and rollers. You can find a garage door lubricant that comes in a spray can.