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Mix and match natural materials with metallic and colorful accents. (Image Source: Pixabay)

As we welcome the new decade, we also welcome new home decor trends of 2020. While our personal lives may need to reboot by setting new goals and pegging new resolutions, our homes also deserve the same kind of attention.

A new year is the best time to adapt new styles. We rounded up the top five trendy home decorations for you. So that if in case you want to breathe in new life to your home as you welcome 2020, you can consider the following trends as proposed by interior design professionals.

1. Space Divisions

Open spaces with communicated environments are so last year. For 2020, divisions are so back  to grant great privacy and intimacy to every environment thereby making them more welcoming.

2019 was the year of minimalistic approach. Although there is an advantage of open spaces with lesser clutter as they give the feeling of having a larger house, it cannot be denied how comfort in one’s home is jeopardized. For instance, minimalists would suggest that there must be no divisions in between the living room and the kitchen space. However, such set-up can cause discomfort as there are times when unwanted smells or noise in the kitchen reach the living room. As a result, the person staying there will not be able to enjoy the comforts of his or her home.

2. Color Schemes

If there is one thing that constantly changes when it comes to decors it would be color schemes. Every year, design professionals suggest new palettes to amp up the vibe in any home without needing much expense on redecorating.

What is in this year is muted colors to dominate an entire home space and then added with a pop of dark or pastel hues. Muted hues such Gray is still a trend just like in the previous year as it allows a wide range of combinations. But now, what is in is the gray with a hint of green. This explains why you see a lot of houses using this color when painting interiors or furniture or in carpets and tiles.

The pink, in almost all its shades, from pastel to old rose will give an elegant pop to any gradient of gray. Designers also predict if not propose that lilac, purple, and violet, in all its combinations will be popping like mushrooms in homes this year for those who prefer avant-garde interiors, especially in accessories like frames on the wall or lamp shades on the table. Blue, particularly cobalt blue, will also be a star this year when used to paint walls and doors, transforming a simple interior into something imperial, especially when paired with antique accents.

3. Natural Materials

The proposal of professionals this year is to recreate a home such that it becomes more welcoming and comfortable to inhabit. 2020 combines the aforementioned color schemes with furniture made of wood as a main material, making one’s home not only cozy but also classy.

However, unlike last year in which the light wood was popular, dark will be a big hit this 2020. Dark wood floors and ceilings work perfectly with cobalt blue, pastel pink, and tamed lilac.

Natural materials such as jute, rattan, and wicker in interiors will also be widely used. These are expected to become staples for homeowners who want to achieve a greater amount of texture in their interiors.

4. Metal Accents

Metal accents will come with force this year for people who want an edgy look for their homes without looking lethal. When done right, aesthetics in gold, silver, or rose gold can be incorporated into home decors through lamps shades, mirror frames, hanging dividers, furniture legs, and other small decorative pieces.

Metal accents are perfect in almost all home styles, be it modern, classic, minimalist, or vintage. They are anticipated to bring edgy luxury and luminosity to any decoration found at the different areas of the house.

5. Floral Walls

If there is one huge chunk of the house that could be an instant eye-catcher when one enters the area, it would be the wall. While muted colors are in for painting walls this year, there is also an alternative proposal that requires wallpapers with floral or tropical prints.

For homeowners who wanna show their artistic styles, they can have walls containing motifs evoking nature, one that could simulate a canvas with a beautiful work of art. Another alternative is to hang photos of leaves, plants, or rainforest on walls painted with muted colors. Or, if they feel a little extra, homeowners can have an indoor garden built thereby making any living room relaxing for the entire family.

Would you take these design tips for your home?

If you want a space of tranquility for your family, going natural is the best way to give your entire home, or portions of it, a makeover. There are actually many different options in terms of colors, textures, and cultures that you could mix and match.


Obviously, for 2020, home interiors will be dominated by natural materials with a sophisticated touch of metals and colors. But if you want more interior inspirations, make sure you check out the area in Etobicoke.