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When you hear the words “air pollution,” the first thing that may come to mind is the air outdoors. There are several reasons why outdoor air can get polluted, including fuel combustion from cars and the burning of plastics. However, the air indoors can also be contaminated. Some causes are dirt and other substances brought inside the house by pets and family members. It can also be due to various things inside your home, such as gas leaks.

With more people staying indoors nowadays, it’s crucial to ensure indoor air quality. Poor air quality can lead to various health problems, including coughing, sneezing, eye irritation, and headaches. Children, adults, or family members who are sick are more prone to these health concerns. Therefore, you must ensure that the quality of your indoor air is good. Below are some ways to do that.


Clean or replace filters


Filters catch dirt, so expect them to get dirty over time. It’s not just the filters of your air conditioner. It is also necessary to check the filters of other home appliances, such as your dryer, vacuum, and vents. Have a regular schedule for cleaning these filters. It will not only help improve air quality but will keep your appliances working in their best condition, too. It would be best if you also replaced these filters after a few months.


Fix any leaks


Leaks can cause moisture, which is a breeding ground for molds. So look for leaks and fix them right away. Also, if you see any signs of molds, it’s best to get a professional mold inspection service. The experts will thoroughly check for the presence of molds in your home, determine what type is present, and provide the best solution for their removal.


Add plants indoors


Plants are known to help clean the air naturally. You can have plants both outdoors and indoors, as some species thrive inside the home. Besides helping purify the air, there are also other benefits to them. For example, they can help improve the aesthetics of your home, thus making it look more cozy, welcoming, and eye-catching. Moreover, plants can make you feel more relaxed, which helps release stress and anxiety.


Clean the house regularly


It may be an obvious task, but you will be surprised at how many homeowners tend to skimp on this part, which is why it’s good to emphasize its importance. As mentioned, pets and family members can bring dirt accumulated from outside. Cleaning the place regularly can prevent contaminants from spreading, thus preventing their harmful effects on health.


Ensure fans and ventilators are working


Fans and ventilators help eliminate odors, ensure proper airflow, and prevent moisture buildup. Clean fans and vents, and also ensure that they are working. If you see any damage, fix them right away to prevent the problem from getting worse.


Invest in a dehumidifier and air purifier


Air purifiers may not completely clean the air indoors, but they can help improve it. Dehumidifiers can further prevent moisture and the growth of molds and mildews.

Protect the health of your family by ensuring that the air quality indoor is good. You can do this by investing in these appliances to help make the indoor air quality better. Do the tips above to achieve it.