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If you are hoping to install luxury click vinyl tile in your home as a DIY project, you should check out this guide for some of our best tips and tricks.

So, you’ve decided to invest in some luxury click vinyl tile for your home and install it yourself. You can hire an expert to do the job for you but often, if you have some basic DIY skills, you can pull this off yourself.


Of course, like with any DIY project, you do need to know a few things about luxury click vinyl tiles before you begin. Don’t worry as we have put together some tips to help you out. Read on to hear what they are and get started on laying that floor today!


Find High-Quality Tiles


The first step to installing your luxury click vinyl tiles in your home is to find the right tiles for the job. The last thing you want is to rush into the decision and then regret it because you have chosen low-quality products. The tiles should be made from the best materials and often, finding something that is also waterproof can come in handy.


There are tons of great retailers out there.  We checked with the experts at Woodfloor Warehouse for some tips. Find an expert like Woodfloor Warehouse in your area  if not for the sheer size of their range, then for their commitment to top quality flooring.


Get Your Tools Ready


To lay your luxury click vinyl tile in your home, you’ll need to have the right tools. The great thing about click vinyl flooring is that it has been designed to be easy to install and click in place.


Some of the tools that we recommend you have handy include a tape measure, a spirit level, a saw, spacers and a rubber mallet. Additionally, you should have an LVT underlay – something that you can usually purchase when you are buying your tiles.


Prep Your Site


To really make your LVT installation a success, you need to make sure that your prep the site beforehand. This includes removing any furniture from the room and brushing and vacuuming the sub-floor. You need to make sure that there are no nails, lumps of concrete or anything else under there.


If you miss this step, you risk having lumps and bumps in your new floor. Your spirit level should come in handy here when it comes to checking how straight the floor is.


Don’t Forget to Acclimatise


One of the big mistakes that homeowners make when they are laying their luxury vinyl tiles is neglecting to acclimatise them to the room. Ideally, you would leave the box in the room for at least 48 hours before you install it. This helps to reduce any risks of excessive movement once you have fitted the floor as it will be ready to go. While it can be tempting to get it installed quickly, avoiding this stage can be a mistake.


Check the Click System


Did you know that there are two common click systems in click vinyl flooring? You need to make sure that you are checking if your flooring operates on a tap down click or an angle click. This information will give you some more guidance on how you can best install the floor. The guide that comes with your flooring should point you in the right direction.


Maintain Expansion Gaps


Finally, you need to make sure that you are maintaining your expansion gaps when you are installing your floor. This helps you to ensure that the edges of the floor are not touching anything in the room such as door frames or radiators. You can easily cover these gaps up so don’t worry about that.


Don’t Rush It


When you are installing our click vinyl flooring, you should try to take it as slow as you can. Allow the floorboards to acclimatise to the environment and lay it carefully to ensure the project is a success. This can be an expensive DIY project so don’t mess it up. Hopefully, our tips and tricks will help.

Photo by Saman Tsang on Unsplash