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It’s important to choose a construction company for your home that will rise to the occasion. Easier said than done, right? How will you know how good the service will be until the contractor is on board?

Well, some companies are more apt to perform certain types of construction, and they advertise this as their unique specialization. Having a specialism does not mean that one business is necessarily more talented than another; instead, it helps you determine which contractor to hire based on your design needs, property specifications, and preferences.

We asked the experts at Proficiency for the three main questions you should ask a construction company to determine if the team is right for your home. These are essential questions to ask your potential contractor before signing any papers. Let’s go!


1. Do You Specialize in the Design Services I’m Looking For?

Be sure that your company is committed to delivering your vision. You might want a design in your home, such as a loft or a basement, so look for a trusted company known for integrating these dream features.

This also applies if you want to renovate or refine your home. For example, one company might excel in building indoor brick, wood-burning fireplaces, while another is excellent at designing rooms for optimal air ventilation during the summer.

Both of these companies will most likely have a team specializing in these particular design types because of where the business is located. You’ll want to hire a contractor with expertise in building features common in your area.

Search for companies that are grade-A in craftsmanship for:

  • Loft or basement conversions
  • Extensions
  • Renovations


2. Has Your Company Worked on a Project Similar to Mine?

Don’t ever be afraid to ask if a construction company has worked on a project like yours before — you need to make sure that they have experience. Even if you think your project is small, it might be a good idea to ask.

They might offer references or show pictures of past work so you can see a finished product they’ve completed. Having visuals will help you see what the team is capable of. In return, they’ll benefit from seeing your reference materials of what you imagine the home to look like.

Sharing this information should start an exciting conversation and begin your working relationship. If inspiration isn’t flowing, you’re better off looking for a different contractor.


3. Do You Have a Top-Notch Team?

Nothing is worse than hiring a construction company with a team that does a poor job or is unqualified. Always look at reviews and ask questions before you officially hire anyone.

It’s always a bonus if the company consults or collaborates with engineers, architects, or interior designers so that your home is built and designed efficiently. Every company’s top priority should be to give you the best results, help you feel comfortable, and be involved in all building decisions. Any contractor that doesn’t want to compromise on the building process or adjust their way of doing things to accommodate your ideas should be avoided.



Finding a construction company that is knowledgeable, dependable, and personal can be a challenge, but we promise there are those out there that would be fantastic choices.

When you are ready to choose a construction company in your area, just remember to be thorough in your search. Choose a service that’s enthusiastic about your ideas and is interested in a collaboration. You need specific knowledge and expertise and a drive to work together and make your dream home come to life.

Ask these three questions to get the dream house you deserve!