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Most anti-virus companies that offer security software for Mac devices and computers started with a Windows product. However, Intego did not. If only Mac has a loyalty award, Intego could have had the medal slinging on them.


For over 18 years, Intego has been innovating ways on how to protect Mac users from the danger of the deep web,  they have never failed. According to the company, they believe that they have high-quality products that users can trust. One of these is the Mac Internet Security X9.


Intego Mac Internet Security X9 should be purchased in a bundle together with NetBarrier X9. In the recent release, this software is more than just anti-virus software. It has all the features of a firewall that attacks and blocks the intruders and manages all the network program permissions simultaneously.

The Software’s Key Features

There are brilliant features to be discussed in this Intego Mac Internet Security X9 review. One of them is having a real-time anti-virus and auto-scans. The software offers real-time antivirus protection for Mac and will automatically scan the files whenever they are being accessed.


With that, it helps Mac devices and computers to be free from Malware. Intego VirusBarrier also helps in checking for the latest updates and makes sure you are up to date. It also helps users to see possible threats.

The Software Is User-Friendly

Another feature is that the interface of the software is user-friendly. Even when you’re new to installing security software on your computers, Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is easy to navigate. It is accurate, effective, and straightforward when being used.

Fights Virus against Mac and PC Malware

This software also offers anti-virus protection against PC and Mac Malware that can be harmful to your computer, especially your data files. It does not only protect you from future threats to your computer but also the existing ones. This way, you won’t have to spread any virus-infected files to your officemates, classmates, friends, or family.


This software is known for its major feature, which is anti-virus protection. Intego VirusBarrier detects all threatening files and documents that are received via email on all your existing iOS devices.

Other Features

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 also has other features such ass Netball Firewall, email notifications, speed scan, scheduled scans, light footprint scans, online threat protection, password manager, anti-Spyware, antivirus and Malware protection, and Malware detection.

Operating System Compatibility

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 can work perfectly on Mac OS X 10.9 or higher. The processor of the computer should be Intel Core 2 Duo and should be 2GHz. The RAM should either be 2GB, 2048 MB for 64-bit OS, 1024 MB for 32-bit OS, except for Windows XP that has 256 MB.


The hard disk space should be at least 1.5GB, and the support browser accommodates Google Chrome 34 and above, Microsoft Edge 40 and above, and Mozilla Firefox 51 and above. Intego is available in languages English, Japanese, Spanish, French, and German.

How to use Intego Mac Internet Security X9

To use the software, first, you need to download the Intego software itself and click the link in the email for verification download. The software should be purchased for you to be able to download it.


When the download is completed, click the .DMG file twice for it to open. You will find the file in the Downloads folder if you left the downloads on default. If not, check your browser and see where the downloaded files are being saved.


Once you’ve seen the file, click the Installer. There will be a pop-up notification that will serve as your guide on how to install your applications. The License Agreement tab should pop up and ask you for your Administrator’s password for security.


Once you have seen the Intego X9 software on your desktop and it’s been successfully installed, you can now see its interface. Once you have finished the installation process, you can easily find the new software in the Applications folder and search for Intego.


In conclusion, Intego is one of Mac’s most prized possessions. It is a Mac security software for Mac users, and it creates Internet security for them. The software includes all the needed security, such as anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, data protection, and backup software. Intego offers a safe place for Mac and Apple users’ files and data.