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When people think of plumbers, they think it’s a job that is a dead end. Believe it or not, there are benefits of being a plumber besides being able to fix the plumbing in the house or apartment at a moment’s notice. Read on to see why being a plumber is an in-demand job.


Benefits of being a Plumber

It Pays Well

The job is usually dirty, but plumbers are in high demand because people just don’t want to be bothered fixing that broken toilet. Whether you are an independent contractor or work for a plumbing company, you know you are making the dough while helping someone. When starting out, plumbers make around $25 an hour.


It’s Never Boring

Plumbers deal with various problems and have to figure out what’s wrong and how to solve them quickly. You are never doing the same thing over and over, as every house call is most likely unique.


Job Security

If you work for one of the reputable plumbing companies in your area, you are guaranteed benefits and full-time hours. People will always need a plumber, and this industry is still growing at a steady rate.


No Debt

You do not have to go through traditional schooling like you would for other professions. You typically get on-the-job training, which is more valuable than trying to learn to plumb from the books. With that said, avoiding huge student loan debt gives you an advantage over people who took out loans to complete a four-year university degree.


Great Exercise

Being a plumber means getting quite a workout, especially if you are hauling heavy pipes or trying to squeeze in small spaces. You’ll also need the upper body strength to haul heavy equipment, so exercise is definitely one thing you’ll get with being a plumber.


Good Self Esteem

You will probably feel good about being a plumber because there’s always someone out there that needs one for their home. You are the reason there is no water damage in people’s homes (the ones that you would service anyway), so it’s a career that you can feel good about.


Start Your Own Plumbing Services

While many plumbers are happily working at their union jobs at their respective plumbing companies, some may want to branch out and start their own business. Some end up making more money than they would if they stayed at their company. For some, it’s worth it, and you can use any name you want for your own plumbing company. You can also be rated as one of the best plumbing companies locally if your customers are satisfied, which will help you bring in more business as an entrepreneur.


Maintaining Infrastructures

People often greatly underestimate just how important plumbers are. Plumbers install piping systems for water, drainage, waste, and vents. Without those, the waste would build up, resulting in major issues for the community at large. So plumbers are needed to make sure that we have clean water and efficient waste management systems.


Being Employed At Plumbing Companies Means No Extra Hours

If you’re self-employed, it means you’ll have to work extra hours to ensure you are making the income you need. But if you’re with a company, you typically never have to work nights, weekends or holidays. If you have a family or just want those times off, you are better off working for a company.



There are a few cons to being a plumber. That includes dealing with difficult customers to developing health problems later in life. You’re also h liable if you make any mistakes. Many plumbers do quit the profession later on in life because they can no longer do the job, such as heavy lifting and more.



There you have it, all the reasons it’s worth looking into a career as a professional plumber. So if you’re willing to get a little dirty, have the physical ability and a career that you’ll be proud of, you should definitely look into being a plumber. If you are interested, remember to get the on-the-job training and apply to local plumbing companies. Do some research on those companies today and start your new career.