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A good home is one of your most significant investments. You must invest in its security. DIY home security upgrades improve the value of your home and protect your valuables. Here are a few options if you are looking for simple yet effective DIY security upgrades.


1.  Install Motion Detector Lighting

Consider installing motion detector lighting in specific parts of your home. They deter crime and don’t cost much. Regular hard-wired models are fantastic options. If you have a hard time running a power supply, consider getting options that can run on solar power.

Motion detector lighting comes in handy if you travel a lot. It can trick potential burglars into thinking someone is at home.


2.  Ring Floodlight Cam

Criminals like to avoid the spotlight. Therefore, you can use ring floodlight cams to keep them away. You can never go wrong with sufficient outdoor lighting.

Place these lights around your back and front yards. You can also use them on pathways and close to your outdoor structures. In addition to scaring off intruders, you will also avoid stumbling as you walk around your property. Here are a few tips to improve the effectiveness of your ring floodlight cam:

  • Use smart light bulbs to set up schedules
  • Solar-powered lights can help you save energy
  • Put your outdoor lights on a timer using a smart outlet.


3.  Don’t Forget Your Garage

Criminals favor the garage as an entry point to your home. Even if they can’t get into your home, they will likely steal the valuables in your garage. Get into the habit of locking all your exterior and interior garage doors.

Keeping the garage door opener inside the house is also a good idea. If you open it with a security code, do not share it with anyone. Avoid entering the code in front of your neighbors or delivery people. Here are a few tips for securing your garage in one day:

  • Cover windows to protect your valuables
  • Get a driveway alarm
  • Use extra locks to secure your garage doors


4.  Get Reliable Gate Openers

A good gate is one of your first lines of defense. It keeps your perimeter safe, improves curb appeal, and ultimately raises the ultimate value of your property. If you get in and out of your home a lot, you probably have a gate opener. It saves you a lot of time.

Buy from providers with reliable gate openers for homes and businesses. There are options for all kinds of games and a variety of functionalities. Look through different gate openers and settle for the most appropriate one for your needs.

The best options remain in good condition through the stress of regular use. They shut quickly to minimize the risk of letting tailgaters in.


5.  Secure Your Exterior Doors

You’d be surprised by the number of times burglars walk in through the front door. Many homeowners focus on their interior doors and forget to secure the exterior doors.

Ensure that all your exterior doors have strong frames. The hinges must also be protected. If you have a mail slot, ensure burglars can’t use it to unlock your door.

Change the door locks when moving into a house that was previously occupied. That way, you don’t have to worry about strangers having keys to your house. Invest in quality locks for maximum safety. Here are some ideas to protect your entryways:

  • Use a video doorbell
  • Secure your mail slot
  • Get smart locks
  • Install a deadbolt


6. Be Careful With Sliding Glass Doors and Windows

If you have older sliding doors or windows, intruders can lift them off the tracks and access your home. They require extra protection. A shower curtain rod can be helpful. It makes it impossible to slide your window or door.

You can get a window sensor alarm as well. It allows you to get email and text notifications if a window is open. You can then access a video field of your home or remotely turn the lights on.

In conclusion, you don’t need to spend lots of money to make your home safer. You can do plenty of security upgrades in just a day. Consider your specific security needs and take advantage of the relevant tips.