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Stained concrete has become a popular flooring choice both for residential and commercial properties. Stained concrete comes with its unique charm coupled with durability, making it an excellent option. But are these enough to convince you to go for stained concrete? If you would need a bit more convincing, here are some reasons straight from stained concrete flooring contractors why you should make the switch:


Stained concrete is durable

Concrete floors are durable on their own. Concrete is strong, and hard. When you stain a concrete flooring, you capitalize on the strength of concrete, and make it beautiful.

And the flooring itself won’t be the only thing that’s durable but also its beauty. Depending on your choice of concrete stain, you will either have a protective film coating on top of your concrete, stains that seep deep into the concrete, or permanent designs through chemically reacting with the concrete surface.


Lots of concrete stain options

Aside from the types of concrete stains, you also have a wide choice of pigments and dyes, and different techniques that can help achieve different end results. You have virtually limitless options of concrete stain designs, allowing you to put your flooring ideas into life.


Stained concrete offers easy-to-maintain beauty

With proper sealing and regular light cleaning, your stained concrete will stay beautiful for a long time. Sealing your concrete floor can help repel dirt, spills, and unwanted stains. With a simple sweep and some light mop action, your stained concrete flooring will keep on looking like new.

If you used concrete flooring for high-traffic areas, stained concrete should be able to withstand pressure washers or relatively harsher commercial cleaners. Stained concrete floorings really are a tough beauty.


Stained concrete works well with heated flooring

Concrete works great for heated flooring, but questions may be raised whether stained concrete will also be the same. While generally, stained concrete works well for heated flooring, it may be a good idea to seek professional help in order to ensure that your flooring will properly be a heated flooring, and at the same time would be visually appealing as stained concrete flooring should be.


Stained concrete is easy to do

Finally, stained concrete is easy to do, especially if you’re opting for film-forming and penetrating variants. Acid stains may require a bit more experience, but you can definitely give it a try yourself. Once you have chosen your concrete stain, you just need to prepare your concrete flooring by cleaning it (by a broom or a vacuum cleaner), then mopping it to make sure it’s really clean.

After making sure that your concrete floor is clean, and there are no cracks that need to be repaired, you can now apply your stain. As a general rule, make sure that you coat equally as to keep the shade consistent all throughout except, of course, if you are aiming for certain areas to really be darker as part of your design concept.

Finally, you’ll have to seal your concrete flooring after it dried. Your choice of sealer can either give you’re a matte finish or a glossy finish, so you will need to consider the effect that can help elevate your stained concrete as you make that choice.

So there you have it, a beautiful stained concrete flooring done as easy as 1-2-3!


If you want a strong, beautiful flooring, stained concrete is the way to go

The simple way to describe concrete flooring really is that it is a strong and beautiful flooring option. Staining concrete flooring has definitely elevated the strong yet relatively boring concrete flooring, turning it to a durable and visually-pleasing flooring.

With all these different concrete staining options that allow you to achieve virtually whatever you have in mind for your flooring, there’s not a lot of reason why you shouldn’t go for stained concrete flooring.

It’s very easy to keep it that way too so you have a strong, beautiful flooring that will stay that way for a long time.

So if you have concrete flooring, or if you are still deciding what kind of flooring you want for your home, then explore stained concrete. It might just be the perfect match for you.