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Are you considering exterior and interior renovations? If so, it’s time to get started on your planning. You should first decide if you need to separate out your renovations or if the entire house needs to be renovated from the inside out. And if you decide to renovate the entire house, you should also consider what kind of renovation projects will best suit your needs.

It’s important to understand the difference between exterior and interior renovations to help determine when to renovate and when to wait. And if you get both done at the same time, it can be an intensive process, but you might walk into your dream home sooner than expected. Custom home renovations can provide that middle ground you’re looking for and better help you balance your interior and exterior renovations.

What are Exterior Renovations?

Exterior Renovations are work done on the outside portion of an apartment building. Examples of exterior renovations include:

  • New paint
  • Soffit & Fascia
  • Installation of new windows (which can be very costly)
  • Making architectural improvements such as replacing a front door or adding a porch
  • Cladding & siding
  • Decks

Interior Renovations

Interior Renovations are work done within the walls of an apartment building, those being rooms like bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms and storage closets. Examples include painting walls, flooring repairs (such as repairing carpet), electrical repairs (such as repairing toilets) or plumbing repairs (such as fixing leaky faucets).

The distinction between exterior and interior renovations can be a grey area for landlords, especially for those renovating their buildings without having a clear picture of what is included in each one. So, let’s look at some guidelines on what types of exterior and interior renovations are allowed (and their costs).

What Are The Different Types Of Renovations?

Exterior and interior renovations both have their benefits and drawbacks. Exterior renovations can help you update your home’s appearance, while interior renovations can help you improve the functionality of your home. But which renovation is best for your needs? Let’s take a look at the different types of renovations:

Exterior Renovations: These are the most common type of renovation. They can help you to update your home’s appearance, but they also have a few main benefits. For example, exterior renovations can help you to reduce your home’s carbon footprint by repairing or replacing any deteriorated exterior features.

Interior Renovations: Interior renovations can improve the function of your home, but they also have a few main benefits. They can help you improve the layout and organization of your home and the usability of your home.

Mixed-Use Renovations: This type of renovation is perfect if you want to renovate your home’s exterior and interior. It allows you to combine different styles and techniques to get the best results for both your exterior and interior renovations.

Master Planner Services: A master planner is an experienced professional who will help you plan your entire renovation project. This will save you time and money in the long run and make sure that all the necessary steps are completed correctly.

What Is The Best Way To Order Renovations?

There are a variety of ways to renovate a home. You can renovate the inside or the outside. However, if you want to renovate the inside, you’ll need to decide which parts of your home need renovation and which parts don’t. You can also decide what kind of renovation project you want to do.


The cost of exterior and interior renovations will vary depending on the type of renovation you plan to make. For example, a new roof will likely cost more than an updated window installation. Additionally, different types of renovations require different materials and subcontractors. You’ll need to determine what specific costs will apply to your renovation project before starting it.

How Long Will It Take To Complete The Renovation?

If you have separate renovations planned for exterior and interior, renovating each room will likely take a different length of time. For example, exterior renovations may take less time than interior renovations. However, if you’re renovating your entire house, it’s best to expect both exterior and interior renovations to take a similar amount of time.

What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make When Renovating Their Home?

One common mistake is not considering the needs of the guest. Many people think that just because they live in their home, they should be able to renovate it themselves. This is not always true. Guest needs can vary greatly depending on the type of renovation. For example, if you’re renovating a home for sale, you may not want to change the locks on the doors or add new windows because that could attract buyers who may not be interested in your property. A guest can also give a fresh perspective in helping you prioritize your renovation list and the balance you can strike between exterior and interior renovations.

Choosing the right renovation project can be difficult, especially if you’re unsure of what you need and want. Custom home renovations can encompass a few different types of renovations, average their costs, and embody how to do them the best way. By following these tips, you’ll be able to make the most informed decision and have your home renovation completed on time and within budget.