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Are you tired of staring at the bare depressing walls of your interior? We have just the solution for you to lighten up your surroundings without causing any damage to your walls. Nope, we are not talking about colorful wallpaper or posters, but today we are here with savvy ideas for decorating your interior with canvas prints.


1. Customized Canvas Prints

This is the best part about canvas art as you can customize your own wall hanging according to your preferred design. It can be anything from family pictures to images that you may have saved on your phone or even something you have downloaded from the internet.

Simply hand over the design to your dealer along with the measurements of the wall hanging and let them do their work to provide you with your customized canvas.


2. Different Shapes

Did you know that canvas prints come in hexagon shapes? Yes, you have more choices than to hang up the regular rectangular or square-shaped canvas. Just imagine a hexagon-shaped canvas with snowflake patterns or anything other design you prefer. Then you can hang not one canvas but a few to make the walls look more unique.


3. Hang Them Anywhere You Like

Since canvas prints can be customized into different sizes and designs, you can choose the appropriate one according to where you hang them. For instance, in the kitchen, you can hang a canvas that is printed with a fruit basket or objects like a salt and pepper jar.

You can use canvas prints to decorate your staircase, a sloped ceiling, or even your washroom. Provided that the pattern is appropriate. I mean for the washroom you can choose a flowery print or maybe the ocean or sea. It obviously will look strange if you hang a canvas of your family portrait!! You would feel that everyone is watching you do your business!!


4. Make Your Canvas Stand Out

If you want your guests to notice your wall hanging, then you have to make it visible. The only two ways to do this are by selecting an empty space and hanging only one oversized canvas or painting the background walls.

The ideal places would be on the passage wall above the shoe rack where the canvas will be looked at while people take off their shoes, or another idea would be in the guest room where you can find an empty wall. But make sure the print is nice, bright, and unique so that people are bound to show interest in the wall hanging.

You can also be more artistic and paint the wall using a different color from the rest of the walls in the house where the canvas will be hung. For example, if your canvas print includes dark colors such as blue and black, then you can paint the wall using white or any other light color to make the wall hanging stand out more.


5. Divide The Canvas Prints

Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Well, this idea is unique, which may leave your guests confused when trying to work out what the print actually is.

You can use different shaped canvas’ to split up a single print. It works more like a puzzle, to be more precise. It could be a picture of your family with each member on a different canvas or even simply a picture of a tree or the sun setting in the sea.

But you would have to hang them close by; otherwise, it would look incomplete. You can’t just hang the leaves of the tree in the living room and the roots in the kitchen. It would look like the walls used in horror movies!




So, now you can start choosing your favorite image and turn it into a canvas to hang wherever you like.

The best part is the wall hanging will be absolutely unique from anyone else since it will be your customized design. And don’t worry, it doesn’t cost a fortune to make canvas’. Although the prices will vary according to the size and design you choose.

But nonetheless, it’s much more reasonable than painting the walls, that I can assure you of!