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Some people view house inspection as something detrimental or stressful. As such, they avoid doing it if they have a choice. However, this is an entirely wrong attitude to approach the subject with! In fact, hiring a home inspector can be highly beneficial for your sale. To explain why, let’s go over the reasons to hire a home inspector before selling your house.


You need a realistic assessment of your house

One of the best reasons to hire a home inspector before selling your house is knowing its exact worth. When planning for your sale, the prediction of how much it will sell for obviously plays a large role in your budgeting. If you just assume everything is okay with the house, when the time comes, your home’s worth can plummet. Especially if the inspection reveals some sort of large defect, such as foundational damage or problems with your home’s plumbing or wiring. Which would obviously leave you in an unenviable position of being unable to reach your originally set goals. It is much better to be aware of any problems ahead of time so you can work to mitigate them and ensure that you get the maximum value out of the sale.


It is great help for boosting house value

Speaking of increasing a house’s value, another of the reasons to hire a home inspector before selling your house is to make a better renovation plan. This is why an inspection is a good idea even if you are absolutely certain that there are no large issues that can hurt you down the line. If you know all about the ‘weaker’ aspect of your house, then tackling them one by one offers tons of value for your investments. Especially since there’s plenty of minor renovation which you can do by yourself from start to finish. Naturally, you should not try and do a water damage restoration project on your own. Or even tackle the task of fixing electric wiring or similar. Those projects would be far too difficult for a non-professionals and can even cause further house damage instead.


It can be a sign of reliability

Buyers like sellers who are upfront about the pros and cons of the house they are selling. There are, after all, lots of people who try to hide the faults of their property in order to boost its value on the market. So, a seller who comes out with all the relevant info has a significant leg up on the competition even if they do expose one or two less desirable traits of their house. Think like this: you yourself, when organizing a long distance move after the house sale, would want to make sure specialists can handle transfer of your belongings properly and guarantee no damage. The potential buyers of your house want that same sense of security. Except the thing that offers it is knowing that an inspection was done.


You may need to do it anyway

Of course, one of the compelling reasons to hire a home inspector before selling your house is that you might be forced to do it regardless. Buyers can, at any time before the sale is completed, request a home inspection. Interestingly enough, it is almost always up to the seller to actually fund it. Meaning that by refusing to do the inspection beforehand you are not even saving yourself any money! Besides, once an inspection does reveal some problems, no matter how minor they are, they will seem much more serious in the eyes of the buyers. Especially when it comes to drain inspections, those issues being the most annoying to deal with. Not because they are all that grave. But because it will seem like you were trying to cover them up and avoid having to declare them. This can drive down the price of your house even further.


The sale might be faster

Something to keep in mind is that having a house inspected beforehand almost always makes for a faster sale. Which is a great thing if you are trying to juggle buying and selling at the same time. Or just need a quick infusion of cash for whatever reason. Even if you are not in a hurry to move, a quick sale is a good thing. As the experts from Heart Moving NYC like to point out, planning a move properly, especially a long distance move, can take a lot of time and effort. So, having the leisure to dedicate your time to it without distractions can be the difference between a relaxed and hectic move. Note, too, that a quick sale means all the stress of the process will be gone much faster as well. Which is not just a small boon considering its potential effects on health.


It lets your real estate agent help you better

The final of the reasons to hire a home inspector before selling your house is how much easier it makes it for your realtor to help you. A real estate agent will assist you with the sale process regardless, of course. But knowing the specifics about the house’s condition will let them better target people willing to buy it. They can focus their search for ideal buyers. And spare you both the time and effort of dealing with people who are guaranteed to decline placing a bid. For example, if you are set on selling your house as a fixer upper, there is a limited pool of buyers interested in such properties. And the helpfulness of a realtor does not end there! If you want to make repairs, they may even be able to help you find reliable contractors! The more closely you work with your realtor, the better.


Final comment

Knowing the reasons to hire a home inspector before selling your house, you will likely feel compelled to do it! Still, do keep in mind you want to have it well before you are ready to put your property on the market. If you don’t pay attention to this, you may have to delay your sale due to the necessity of unexpected renovations.