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In this quarantine period, people have become bored and restless by not having contact with their friends and family. To prevent psychological conflict of “to go out or not to go out”, many people stepped up to provide ideas of what one can do with all the free time they have now.


Gardening is one such idea where tending to it is not only time-consuming (which is what most people want these days) but also a life skill which helps you to understand the properties of plants and how it works. Whether you are a pro gardener or a beginner, here are some tips on how to start, nurture and maintain your garden easily and beautifully.




First things first: clean up your garden to create space for the plants. It also includes clearing out trees or stumps for which certain tools are required. Chainsaws are great for cutting out branches and you can look up which one you prefer and order some online. Clean away the debris afterward and always make sure to put on protective gear while handling these types of tools.


Mow the lawn and pluck out the weeds, trim the leaves to make your garden look like a luscious green carpet bed. Build up borders, typically on the sides of the garden, which would separate them from the lawn. This would make lawn-mowing much easier and avoid accidental pluck-outs of your plants or flowers. Separate the flower beds, vegetables, and fruits by placing edgings around them. This makes your garden look not only colorful but organized too.

While mowing your lawn makes sure your grasses stay healthy and you can also pinpoint where attention is required and avoid breeding grounds for insects.




Revive your houseplants, if you have any, by strategically placing them to a sunlit area and providing water without fail. If you haven’t got any, there are plenty available online or you can plant one yourself by looking around your house for seeds. However, do your homework before placing a plant in your house as some thrive better than others.


If you have houseplants, but those have become brittle, dull and dead, try repotting them. Clean them out and start fresh, or try out placing a new plant instead. You have to do this often as these are potted and bred in a closed environment with limited amount of space. So they need constant caring and repotting.




When your garden is all neat and tidy and is ready for planting, you may think now is the time for you to go shopping and get some seeds. Not necessarily! You can look around your fruit bowl or vegetable rack for seeds and plant them in your garden. Potatoes, ginger, onions, oranges, carrots, pumpkins are some of those you can plant.


If you still think you may need a lot of stuff for planting, you can always look up online for all your requirements. You can also purchase some flower seeds to plant around your house or outside your porch.




If you have a big garden, you can think of building up a greenhouse for your plants or if you already have one, make sure to clean it regularly so sunlight can pass through properly.


Here also, you can organize your greenhouse plants by bordering them and creating a pathway for you to reach all the plants. Keeping the greenhouse clean is quite time-consuming but that’s what you need in this lockdown, right?




Garden weeds can be harmful to the environment especially when you are planting edibles. The best way to take them out is by hand so that unnecessary harmful chemicals are not used on the plants.  Now that you have a huge amount of time at your hand, you can take those weeds out and ensure a healthy environment for your garden.




Instead of throwing things away, there is a lot of stuff around your house you can compost. Fruits and vegetable scraps, used coffee grounds, tea leaves, eggshells, etc. are some of the staff you can compost. You can also make your fertilizer with a banana peel and water. Just leave them overnight and that becomes a great way to fertilize your plants for around 2 weeks. This becomes an environmentally friendly way to compost and besides, it doesn’t cost you a penny.




Due to immense heat and sunlight, your grass may become dull, dry, and dehydrate. Lack of moisture and nutrients will make the entire garden look dull and may even affect your plants.


Topdressing your lawn will help your grass moisturize and receive nutrients to grow. It’ll also reduce the risk of dehydration. Topdressing is a prepared soil mix that is applied thinly on your lawn to rejuvenate it.




Whether you are a pro or a newbie at gardening, it doesn’t hurt to research a little on how gardening can be done and the different ways and techniques that can be used. Every plant, be it flower, fruits, or veggies, need to be planted differently. Therefore, doing a little homework on that will go a long way and stop you from experimenting with a loss.


You can also look up at some ideas on how to design your garden and make it look colorful and welcoming. There are several ideas and designs that are attractive such as hanging flower baskets, or wall plants, eye-catching landscapes, etc.




No one knows when this pandemic will end, but instead of whiling away the hours, doing something creative helps to take your mind off boredom and also keeps you mentally active. There are several things you can buy for your gardening online and also use scraps and seeds around your house instead of throwing them away.


Gardening is one such passion that you can start or if you already have started, rekindle that interest during the lockdown. Not only will it keep you active, mentally, and physically, being around nature can make you be at peace spiritually too.