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It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Yet how many of you have a difficult time networking? (And be honest) Truth is, the majority of people find networking just a little tough at times. And at other times it can be downright uncomfortable.

Taking that into consideration, and the fact that majority of our 350+ members are a part of this association just for those networking opportunities….. We do our very best to make networking easy. Or easier perhaps.

The RHBA (Rochester Home Builders’ Association for those of you not familiar with our acronym) offers a number of different ways for members to get engaged and to meet other members. After all, expanding and growing your business is what you want, right?

Our latest addition to the networking opportunities is our Networking at Noon events. Members meet each Thursday at a different builder’s model home – for six weeks during the summer. It’s a casual and easy way for members to meet while giving the builder some added exposure. Everyone wins! If you are interested in finding out more about the RHBA and these networking opportunities, call us! Meanwhile, be sure to visit our Facebook page for photos from a couple of these recent networking events.